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Assuming I'm short, Will my children be short if my partner is also short? 
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The answer is emphatically yes. Because tallness as a trait is an inheritable characteristic that can only be transfered from tall parents to their offsprings. If you are short and your partner is also short, the children that both of you are going to have are going to be short.

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There are certain factors that would determine that. Scientifically, phenotype(physical appearance) is determined by the combination of genotype(genetic composition) and environment. Usually, for a given gene, there is an allele(an alternative form of a gene that may occur at a given locus). For example, the gene height would have alleles-tall or short(T or t respectively). Now genes come in pairs and you inherit one each from both parents. these genes from both parent are you alleles for any trait. So assuming you are short and both your alleles for height are short(tt) like wise your partner, there aren't chances of having tall kids.

perhaps you have genes for tallness but it is recessive in you, there is a probability of you having tall kids and the level of probability would also depend on whether your partner has recessive genes for tallness as well. Let us say your kids inherit these genes. The environment to which they are exposed to will also determine the expression of this gene. Say for instance they grow up in a place where they do not get the proper nutrition they need at their formative years. This can hinder that trait from fully expressing.

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According to genetics the probability is very high and in case your kids will not have this gene then your grand children must have the gene. Genes like shortness or tallness are always transfered to the offsprings. On the other hand, there are certain genes that we cannot see, for instance, asthma, colour blindness, albinism among others. From the look of someone, you will not know if they're carrying these genes.Something with these genes is that they're mostly carried with the females and that's why its said that women are carriers. As a matter of fact, before marriage its highly recommended that you do a back ground check up on the family first so that you don't end being surprised one day giving kids with those genes.Also, there are certain genes which are mostly carried with the men like tuft(hairs in the nose and ears) and baldness. These two will forever remain in your lineage no matter what.
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What if you do a background check and you find that those genes actually exists in a persons heritage? 
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That's when you'll make your mind and decide whether you'll go ahead and marry the person or not. Some people are very selfish and won't love that gene.
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I was wondering if that would be a reason not to marry someone. People can be insensitive. 
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There is the probablity that you might have kids that are short if both of you are short in size. The physical appearance is dependent on the genomes and DNA matchings.

Further more it also depends if you have the genomes of tall height but the recessive force is much larger that that of your genomes and your height became shorter but there is probablity that the child genomes of height would be stronger enough to overcome that problem and will become taller.

The height depends on multiple genes and that of the environment. Many of the studies estimated heritability of human height. It is a quantitative measure and estimated by the heritability of resemblence. 
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This is a possibility that your children will be short. However, this doesn't always hold true. I am not that short, but my daughter ended up being only 5 feet tall. Her daughter grew to 5'6" and her son is still growing and he is already 5'10". I think a lot of this has to do with the DNA from your entire family and if there is anyone in your family that is taller than you.

There are children born to short parents that end up growing so tall. Take for an example midgets. A midget can give birth to a full grown man and he won't end up being a midget. Where on the other hand a couple that is normal hight can give birth to a midget.

There really is no telling how tall your children will be when they are fully grown. My friend is very short and her husband is also short, but their son is over 6 feet tall. 

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