There may be several reasons behind talking negative about others. I just need your valuable opinion.
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People talk about negative things about others because they are jealous with their progress, their wealth and their happiness. Only people who are unhappy with their life talk negative about others. People who are hurt and lost someone whom he/she loves usually talk about negative things, they stop believing in other, they become bitter and jealous persons. They do not want to listen anyone. They start blaming others for their circumstances and for their failures. 
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So, true when people watch others succeed or see someone else getting ahead of their own, but are not able to d anything about it, they start back bitching about them to spoil their images or just to let out their frustration.
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i think they  feel negative or bad about themselves so they try to reflect this feeling to others....or just may be the others deserve this
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I agree, saying negative about others reveal the true colour of one own self and the negativity that we have inside us.
Yes, they try to pass the negative vibe to others so that they may see others struggle to like what are they experiencing 
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People speak ill comments towards another individual due to its jealousy, insecurity, low self esteem, non contenment to most of the things in his life, current situation or even feeling inferiority complex. It is quite common for those people who have crab mentality to act like this since they either have  minimal or to none positive outlook in life.
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It has to do with the part of the brain called the amygdala, which functions like an alarm and is constantly on the lookout for danger, fear, and bad news. Scientists believe this to be the brain's default position.
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I understand, but what it go to do with talking bad about others?. No doubt such people might be on the lookout for danger, fear and bad news. But talking ill about others doesn't fit into this
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They cannot digest positivity or say well being of others. Some people are tend to talk ill. Discussing with such people on any topic wouldn't get you a positive feedback. Because they enjoy and get themselves satisfied by spreading  rumours or talking bad.

These people are from the LOSERS Category.
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They're just afraid of being below the rankings, they're also afraid that anyone will be ahead of them so that they pull them down
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Insecurity. A person who just feels good about herself will never get to appreciate others. Talking bad about others is a toxic trait only an ill-mannered person will do.
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Well said point. Yes, sometimes in order to hide one own insecurity, people talk negatively about others.
Yes that's the right word, they're insecure with the person who they talked about and share negative thoughts about Him.
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Talking negative about others might mean one is jealous about the other, or someone is accomplish ing things beyond expectations. This behavior is bad and can lead to murderous feelings and even hurting others.
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Jealousy is the worst enemy, it can sometimes make us do things that we have never even imagined ourselves to be doing.
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Jealous are one of the reason to people talk negative about others. Some kind of people always think in negative and also speak in negative about others. This kind of people easily hurt others and don't realize their mistakes. so continuously hurt others by them negative words. Their also got a happy while saw other sorrows(cruel people).

Final no one don't like to friendship to this kind of people. 
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That is another aspect on why people say negatives about us. They're just jealous on what other's have that they don't 
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People who talk negative about others is because they weren't taught the bible at an early age. 

Followers of Christ have no room for negative remarks amongst each other.
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Their are several reasons why people speak negative about others, some reasons are

1- to be the part of a group

2- to show themselves superior

3- because of jaleousy

4- to defame someone superior to them
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I think it is a result of loosing hope in peoples, have some relationship issues in past, family environment, unsocial behaviour, and trust issues.
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Yes, issues can cause negativity to most people. Whether it's a family,friend or relationship unless it causes pain to people then it will turn negatives to them
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Simply because they are not happy with their own lives. They are not contented with what they have. After seing other people happy, they will look for a single mistake you'll do to make negative comments on you
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In my opinion, by talking negatively about others we are not defaming others but in reality, we are showing our own true self to the person in front of us. 
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I don't think so but I guess if they downgraded others they feel superior to them. Not all people but there are some that disgrace other's opinion for their idea to be stronger than the other. Some people love to pull down others as a leverage to their advantage 
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From what I have seen people usually talk negative if they are jealous of you. They see that you have something that they don't have so they feel bad. They usually admire something about you or that is in your life. So you shouldn't worry about people talking bad about you.
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It's just hate people hate to see someone loved or someone better than them  i think this is the reason

It's a jealous

And it's a brain problem 
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People who talk behind each other because the don't have self confidence and satisfied with what they have , so they keep looking for what others do and try to find anything negative to talk about them.
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A lot of people have insecurities about each other, especially if they are much better at their abilities and others can not or try to compete with them just to say that they are a much better person than others in all aspects. Others try to down you for a certain reason. At some point others cannot accept that others do much than them.
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some people talk negative about other people because they either feel jealous or they hate them or they just like talking negative about other people
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