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It depends as per your requirement.

If you will be using it/ or say if you require it for a long term then you should buy it.

Else if it is for a short period of time, or few time usage then you should go for rent.
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In my opinion, when you are looking to have a heavy equipment, first you have to figure out answers to few questions, like

  • How long do I need it for?
  • What is the difference in the price value of renting it versus buying it?
  • Will it be equally useful for me after a couple of months of its use? (or I may lose interest in its use/the model may evolve being in a dynamic market and I would want to try the latest version/ it's not as need-specific and I may be seeking alternatives)
  • Am I well-versed with the product or do I need a trial run?
  • Do I have enough space or I'll need to work out on the space which sounds tricky right now?
  • Am I relocating soon?
  • If I need it for commercial purposes, I must do maths of inflow vs outflow of money pertaining to its role in my business (It should generate working capital and not be of seldom use)

The answers to these questions would definitely help you reach a judicious conclusion.

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