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Now  iam sharing my problems about working online.Its been a while for looking a work online but iam having hard time where to start and what to fucos on.Its not easy for me i find many like btc and it takes so long to earn i really not know what to do. i really need work so i can pay my debts.Please help me my friend.I have many problems right now i cant help it and i need daily income .

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It's certainly hard to earn online unless you have any special skills. I think most of us struggle to earn a good amount. Certainly for me it is just pocket money but every little helps.

There are many ways of earning online, forum posting, blogging, small task sites, reward sites, ptc sites but if you are looking for a substantial amount I think the answer lies in having a job in the real world. I must have tried everything in the time I have been working online but I have never become wealthy through it. Keep searching though as you never know what you may find. New sites are popping up all the time and hopefully you will find one which is just right for you.
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You're in the right place first of all. Keep on participating in this site and give relevant answers. At least every end month you'll be guaranteed some token. Also if you're good in posting on forums, I suggest you check out bmf.Although its such a strict site, you can still manage to make around 50 cents on a daily basis. Aside beer money forum, we have postloop and the forum wheel. These too are very strict and your application may or may not go through. Also, there's a new forum called earn that buck which you can be guaranteed at least 50 cents daily if you're active.

Apart from forums, we have microjob sites. In fact, most of my earnings are from such sites.If you should try, I suggest you check out picoworkers although the tasks are rated slowly and most employers pay less. I highly recommended you check out Microworkers since its got lots of tasks which are paid well and rated faster. With Microworkers, you can be guaranteed at least $10 on monthly basis.

You can also try mylot although its really slow earning and you can take like one month to earn $5 when you've fully participated.
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I have to be real. If you are using sites like this or some forums available that are legit, you can earn a decent amount, but it does not save you from all your bills or replace your income. This site helps us to earn by giving us an opportunity to work but it needs are thorough cooperation to make the site active so that the site could earn as well. They give us a portion of their income which is not big as we expected. I am working at Humanatic, which is a call review sites and also on one Forum called Forum Coin. These are my online sites that gives me little amount per work. It is a my part time job when I go home everyday after working on my offline job. I look for offline job instead because even if I continuously earn from my sites, I still need a steady and monthly income. I gladly found an offline job but I never stop working on my online sites as it gives me additional income. You cannot find a job online unless  you have skills like those of web designer and an experienced VA or English teaching skills. However, you still need to try to job hunt, whether online or offline.
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Working online is not easy and most sites will only pay you pennies a day for your efforts. Furthermore, it is hard because some sites won't pay you at all in the end and scam you out of your time and efforts. That is why you need to be smart about what you do online to earn money. Low paying jobs that don't earn much at all:

  1. GPT sites are very low pay and a lot of time and effort. You will end up clicking on ads, signing up for offers or completing surveys. They take a very long time to reach cashout on the site. 
  2. PTC sites only pay $0.0001 or less for each time you click on an ad or watch a video. it takes over 1000 views to earn a dollar on these sites.
  3. Content writing doesn't pay writers more than a few cents to work on an article that they sell for much more. You might earn $3 for writing a 300 to 500-word article. 
  4. Sites like MyLot take forever to earn $5. You will be working on this site for hours each day and be lucky to get the $5 at the end of the month to cash out from the site. 
Things you should consider and things you should work on:
  1. It is best to work for a company. Appen is always looking for people to do different types of jobs. Just recently they hired a group of people to view images online and classify the images according to the ads. This is a great site and they normally pay a decent amount of money for each hour you work. You are paid hourly on the site and if you work daily, you can earn $60 to $80 a day for your work.
  2. Working for a call center is another great way to earn money online and earn an hourly wage. You can work for remote call centers and they are always looking for people each day to work there.
  3. Open an eCommerce store online and sell affiliate items in the store. Advertise the products and services and get paid as an affiliate marketer. 
  4. Create and run your own website and become an affiliate marketer.
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The first thing you have to know is that working online is the same as working offline, you have to have skills and be qualified for the job position that you're seeking. This is the case if you want to have a daily and decent income. I'm not talking about paid-to-click websites, because they don't need any specific skills, you just have to click on ads but you won't be making the amount of money needed to pay your bills. So what I'm going to suggest to you, is that you work on improving your skills, so that you can start landing jobs.

There are so many things you can do on the internet to make money, and one of them is transcription. As a transcriber, you'll have to listen to some audio files and type whtever you hear. But you have to follow the guidelines put by the company that will hire you, and your grammar and writing should be good. Most companies don't require past experience, but you have to pass a test.

Another thing you can do is work for Appen or Lionbridge as an Internet Assessor or simply as a Rater. You will be presented with search results which you have to rate according to their criteria. This is another decent-paying job but they also require you to pass a test before.

Another thing you can do is try paid-to-post forums, where you'll be asked to post different threads and replies and you'll be paid for that. There's Postloop and The Forum Wheel, and they have tests as well. And there's ForumCoin, Digital Global and BeerMoneyForum, and EarnThatBuck. You don't have to pass any test to join these but you have to post good quality content.

As you see, everything requires skills and good content, so find something you love and make sure you work on your skills so that you'd be able to land the job. Good luck.
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You can work online only as hobby to earn some pocket money. Why? No online work can substitute a 9 to 5 day job in a mortar and brick office. With almost all revenue sharing websites paying peanuts and some even broken peanuts for your time and efforts spent online, you cannot live a life with online earnings.

Luckily, both my sons do not believe in this so called "earn online" concept. Once my elder son asked me a wonderful question which reverberates in my mind every now and then. You know what he asked? He asked, if earning online is a reality then why so many people are struggling in BPOs and call centers? What a great question? I was stunned.
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Working online especially without skills takes patience because tasks online that doesn't need skills pays peanuts and to make something tangible you have to work extra hard you could sign up on  micro jobs sites that you can just rate, sign up on sites,read news or process emails you will be making few cents from this but the good thing is that the add up in no time.

You can also along the line acquire a marketable skill either in article writing,web designing, transcribing, marketing, SEO services etc so that you can start doing some real jobs for a good pay.I'm trying to acquire a skill too. You can try to watch tutorials on YouTube or you download to watch.Good luck.
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Hey I totally understand you in all of the things you stated from not being focused to needing to pay debt off. But I've solved it by doing research and finally found the best method to make money online. It's Affiliate Marketing with a platform called Builderall ! Builderall provides making a Website, Webinar, Animated Videos etc (Pre-Made Templates as well) so it's on demand right now to Online Marketers, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs etc.
They provide an Affiliate Program so you can become an affiliate and use all these tools for $49 and share the affiliate links and content (they provide content you can post in social media)
Here's a link to the 90 Day Strategic Plan to achieving $2000 - $4000 with Builderall and almost anything else it's for FREE so you can register and watch the videos for FREE and learn so you can clear your head and be able to decide on what you need to do.

I wish you good luck and hope you find what you're looking for and be able to pay your debt as soon as possible.

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I think it is really hard to earn a huge amount of money especially when you only resort to surveys, forums, ptcs, etc. What you need to do is to look for an online site, which would best suit your skills. For instance, you may try Upwork. This website offers a variety work and opportunities that you may find really interesting. If you are into writing then you may also look for sites that hire people to write contents for them. Other than that, you may want to apply as  an essay writer in various essay writing services. Transcribing is also one of the most appealing online jobs to date. You might want to check that as well.

To be able to earn decent amount of money online, you must not stick with only one job. The key is to have as many as you can, and to work as efficiently as possible. It is a struggle at first, but like any other job, once you get used to them, you'll eventually be able to manage your schedule effectively.

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