I have the most appalling sense of direction which stops me going places I want to go as I am always afraid of getting lost. I have tried a GPS but even with that I get very anxious. I would love to hear from people who have the same problem but have found a solution that works for them.
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Can you please describe it briefly so that I can help you 
Well basically when I drive anywhere I am likely to get lost in unfamiliar territory. I am ok in places I know but when I am out of my comfort zone I can take wrong turns or get in a wrong lane and end up somewhere I don't want to be. I find towns with many lanes very confusing.

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Honestly, It could really be frightening to be caught up in a situation whereby you don't know the exact direction to take to where you're going. You are not alone on this. Almost everybody is guilty of it especially if you are new to the environment.

From recent experiences I have had, I will suggest you make use of google map. Before you set out to go to the place you plan of going to, type the address on the search bar on the good map, and search it. You will notice that it will provide you different routes you are to take to the place and also providing the exact direction you're to take on the map itself.

Use the navigating option to get to the precise address on the map. If possible check the various landmarks in the location and take note of them. Once this is done, you can then embark on your journey. On your way going, set your google map on voice speaker, you can use hand free as you drive so as to be safe and hear the direction where to take as you drive. And please don't fail to use the alternative of asking people questions along the way just in case you didn't get the voice messages from google map clearly. With this, I believe you will find your way to where you are going safely and stress free.
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I think this is a natural occurrence for most people, I don't think there's anything abnormal about it.Any territory you're not familiar with will always look scary and you begin to have the usual panic attacks or anxiety that you get into the wrong territory or people.

The most I do is to asked for the direction by people around and I look at faces a lot ,I wouldn't approach any rough looking person, so I select the person very well before asking for direction.

Sometimes it good to check online to find out the hereby mall,hotel or noticeable place near where you going.you can get the numbers and call them along the way that you want to get to their place even when you're not going there, so that you can get there and pass to wherever you were going to.
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One of the best things to do to improve your sense of direction is you need to travel a lot and to go to different places. You just have to familiarize yourself with your environment outside your house, you have to take notice of every street and roads you are going to take. It is also a big help to find a Landmark whenever you are going to some places especially if you are going to it in your first time. Having these Landmarks will definitely help you a lot, it will make your travel easier than before. Also, try to memorize all the way you are taking whenever you are going for some trips or if you will have a long distance travel. Whenever you are traveling you have to be aware and alert in every stop and go of the public transport you are riding
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You can improve your sense of direction by taking the right way only. Don't cross path that would result to negative habits or results that may affect your whole capabilities. 
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The GPS is good for helping you get directions. But you can use trip advisor and even read reviews on it. We also have  Google maps that even have the voice recorder to help you out. 
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