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If x2 = 3x

Then what is x?

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To solve your equation it would be like this:

  1. Move all terms to the left side and set equal to zero.
  2. Now set each of your factors equal to zero.l
Your answer will be:

x = 0,3

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By moving all factors to the left.

Now for each factor being equal to zero.
1. X²=0

Square becomes square root when crossing the equality sign to make X the subject of formula.



2. -3x=0


By making X the subject of formula. 

When the negative sign crosses the equality sign, it becomes positive. 

So x=0,3

This reminds me so much about solving problems back in secondary school. I didn't like solving problems at all. I was just an average student when it came to that. I never enjoyed it and I only read to pass. I wouldn't even practice them until it was time for examination. 
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What you are asking are the "roots" of the equation x2 = 3x. Remember that the equation that will allow us to get the root/s is the quadratic equation given by ax2 + bx + c = 0.

In this case, you need to rewrite the equation from x2 = 3x by moving all terms to the left. This will then give you the form x2 -3x = 0, which will allow us to identify a, b and c of the quadratic equation.

a = 1
b = -3
c = 0

We now substitute this to the quadratic formula: 

x= [−b±√b2−4ac]/2a

Substituting the values will give you this:

x= [−(-3)±√(-3)2−4(1)(0)]/2(1)

x= [3±√9]/2

x= [3±3]/2

First root:

x= [3+3]/2 = 6/2 = 3

Second root:

x= [3-3]/2 = 0

Hence, the values of x or the roots of the equation are 3 and 0.

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x^2 =3x

re setting the equation

x^2 -3x =0

factorizing left side

x (x-3) =0

we have two factors on left side x  and x-3 each must be zero

so x=0   first factor

and x-3 =0   second factor

or x=3
we find two answers  x=0    and   x=3
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X^2 =3X

X^2 - 3X=0







We can also solve by making quadratic equation ax^2 +bx+c=0

And solve for the quadratic equation
Here c is zero
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We are given:

x^2 = 3x

By taking 3x to the left-hand side of the equation, we have:
x^2 - 3x = 0 
We can see that in the given equation, two terms are there. One is x and another is 3x.
Among these two terms, x is a common factor. 
By taking x as a common from both terms, we have:
x(x-3) = 0
x = 0
x - 3 = 0 
=> x = 3
The values of x are 0 and 3

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As the given equation is a quadratic equation.

So the number of roots for the equation are 2. 

x2 = 3x 

Re shifting the equation,

x2 - 3x = 0 

Taking x common, 

x(x - 3) = 0

Therefore, equating the above with 0;

x = 0 and x - 3 = 0 ==> x = 3  

Hence, x = 0, 3

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x^2 = 3x

Moving 3x to left side we get

x^2 - 3x=0 

Taking x outside

=> x(x-3)= 0

Therefore there are two values for x

They are 3 & 0.
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