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If x2 = 3x

Then what is x?

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To solve your equation it would be like this:

  1. Move all terms to the left side and set equal to zero.
  2. Now set each of your factors equal to zero.l
Your answer will be:

x = 0,3

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By moving all factors to the left.

Now for each factor being equal to zero.
1. X²=0

Square becomes square root when crossing the equality sign to make X the subject of formula.



2. -3x=0


By making X the subject of formula. 

When the negative sign crosses the equality sign, it becomes positive. 

So x=0,3

This reminds me so much about solving problems back in secondary school. I didn't like solving problems at all. I was just an average student when it came to that. I never enjoyed it and I only read to pass. I wouldn't even practice them until it was time for examination. 

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