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People with slow metabolism convert their food into energy slower than the average rate of conversion than people with faster rates .As such, when they eat not minding the pace at which their food breaks down, they tend to add weight because their bodies cannot keep wiwith so much conversion at one time. Hence the excess gets turned into fat.
For such people to maintain their weight, they need to follow a strict plan and eat in accordance to the rate of their metabolism. For instance, they should only eat when they are hungry. Also, they can pay more attention to their diet by eating more food that takes less time to break down. Water is also very important in digestion and excreation. Regular exercise is also very important.
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Metabolism is the rate at which chemical reactions occur in an organism in order to produce energy necessary for the body. Having a slow metabolism rate means that your body is burning very less calories at a very slow pace to produce energy. The only way to maintain this is by eating very less food to avoid the unnecessary weight gain or even being obese.

There are several factors that lead to slow metabolism rate and some of them include, gender.Men tend to burn lots of calories and at a very fast pace.This is because men are very active in doing activities unlike females. Also, another factor is age. The older someone grows, the rate of metabolism decreases naturally and that's why the elderly are oftenly inactive and tend to fall sick most of the times. Some of the other factors is body composition among other factors.
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If a person has slow metabolism, it means that they are having a problem in making the calories to burn fast. This should be monitored seriously because it can lead to gain weight even if you are trying to eat in lesser amount. As we grow older, our metabolism slows down. We need to be aware of our weight and we need to find out if we are obese or not. This starts with going to a dietician because they are the ones that will advise you of what you could eat to maintain a certain weight. They will measure your weight and height. They will direct you by giving the right food to eat, the exercise you need to do and what kind of lifestyle you need to change. It is not about maintaining a food or diet but it is an overhaul of everything you are doing wrong for you gain weight.
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Metabolism is the conversion of food we eat for the production of energy for cellular activities. The rate this conversion is done is totally dependent on crucial factors such as age, the kind of food eaten, healthiness of the gastrointestinal tract. Interestingly, metabolism can determine whether one can be overweight or of good weight.

As we age, our metabolism slows down and this in turn would affect the rate at which the food we eat are converted to energy, as well as the way our weight can be maintained. For example, if you are aged and eating junk foods and not engainging in physical activities at all. This would definitely cause you to gain weight, consequently leaving your overall health in bad state.
So therefore, as one is getting old, it is advisable to eat not processed food but balanced diet and live a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and if possible avoid drinking of alcohol and tobacco, and also ensure to replace carbonated soft drinks with intentional plans of drinking plenty of water.
It's only through these practices can one  metabolism be efficient to function like that of young people, hence help in maintaining healthy weight.
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