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The most trending forum on the Internet is beer money forum.  The site has grown its reputation so much since the end of last year. Due to its grown reputation, the site has started being so strict and only requires people to post important content that can benefit other members as well otherwise you'll get banned from the site.

Also forum coin has been around for such a long time and its known to be a legit forum for years. It doesn't earn one much but its one of the most comfortable forums that I know.

We also have postloop and the forum wheel although recently  have seen several discouraging reviews about the sites and I don't know whether its still worth joining them. We finally have the recently forum, earn that buck. So far the site is well and paying well for the posts. But then, two countries, India and Malaysia have been banned. Its just a worth joining forum.
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I would say ForumCoin. It has been around since 2012 and the rules are very relaxed which means it attracts lots of members. I have been  a member since July 2015 and it is still going strong. Although it's low pay it is my favourite forum.

Another site which many people do not know about is paidforumposting which has been around a while but is very hard to get into. I was accepted about a year ago but decided not to join as it looked pretty complicated. It is a site which tests you on your English skills by asking 10 questions of your choice and then there will be a wait of a few days before they get back and let you know if you have passed. If you can get in it is said to be high paying but I couldn't tell you the rate per post.

There is also MyLot which is more of a social media site that pays. Here you create small blogs or discussions which people will respond to. You get paid on the amount of interaction you create with others but not actually what you do yourself. It's very slow paying but it has been around a long time.
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