Youth in current scenerio is very lazy day by day their laziness getting increases
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Now, a day our life and the world all exist inside social media, and no doubt surfing things on social media is so fascinating, we watch it all day without realizing watching 10-20sec videos one after other takes our whole time, make our eyes tired and inactive, we like to see the luxurious life of other people how they enjoy and lead most of our time in fascinating that life in our imaginary world, but does nothing to make it real.
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Nowdays everything is become so easy you can order pizza online and watch what you want to watch in internet todays youth is just trying to escape from their life reality through the internet.
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There is no shortage of opinion on use of social media and social exposure. I believe that overuse of technology has made the youth lazy. I believe this way for a number of reasons, and will develop this idea. Most of the youth use platforms like Facebook, whatsApp, Instagram, snapchat, etc. Hence, the youth does not involve much in productive activities. This has made the youth lazy. 
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Now a days youth have become so lazy because of current lifestyle.

Such as eating junk food, not performing regular exercise, addiction to phone has confined the youth to a single room.
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I think they are becoming lazier because of this pandemic. But then, it is up to the biological parents how to handle them to be more productive.
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I totally agreed with you because most youths of nowadays all they want to do is surf through the social media, most of them have become very addicted to their phones.
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