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You can have a look at this cloud model for more clarification they explained it very well in a good manner. By having Cloud hosting you can do a lot of things

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In a cloud hosting or even a normal hosting company this all depends on:

  1. How many people you can attract to your site each day or month. Most hosting companies say they can handle over 10,000 visitors a day. 
  2. Some hosting companies will go by a plan as to how many visitors it can handle each day on your account. Some plans allow for only 300 - 400 each day, the more expensive ones will give you 700 - 800 and the top-notch ones will give you 10K each day.
  3. If you use cloud hosting or choose to have your site hosted on a web server this shouldn't matter at all. What matters the most is you and how well you have optimized your blog and how easy it is for people to find it.
  4. Popular blogs attract more visitors each day. If you can get on the home page of search engines you'll receive a lot more site visitors each day. 
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