i am really confused for my big day which  makes me to ask here for better suggestion
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I have always been one to paint outside the lines. We all know that brides will be wearing white as they walk down the aisle. However, there is no tradition for what you want the bridal dresses to be. You can choose a multitude of colors and what I've seen recently is the rainbow dress where the bottom of the dress is a variety of colors to represent the rainbow.
A friend recently got married and her colors were purple and white. Everyone who attended the wedding needed to wear a dress of purple and white mixed.

Another wedding I attended the colors were teal. Now this one was fun and it was such a great contrast of color and was beautiful.
For me, I am more of a blue person and would more than likely go with some shade of blue. Have you ever seen the crystal clear lagoon and how beautiful the blue water is? I've always loved this color and more than likely would go with this.

I think you should choose a color that you love and one that will make you so happy to see next to you. Forget about tradition and colors that everyone chooses. Chose a color that makes you smile and it is warm and pleasing to you.
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The most common color that desi brides have been donning for years is red or maroon. Even the word ‘desi wedding’ conjures up an image of a bride dolled up in royal red and heavy jewels. However, trends have changed and our designers have come up with stunning and interesting color palettes to choose from. From lilac to peach, pink to gold and green to silver, your wedding dresses could be in any of these unique hues. But the most important thing while deciding the color of your wedding dress is your what you want it to be. You don’t have to be slave to the trends. If you’ve always imagined yourself in a rose gold lehenga or a red gown, you should go for that. Another way is to go to the bridal salon and try on the colors that you like the most and choose from what suits you the best.
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I suggest you should go for white because in many weddings we've seen brides wearing white dresses,even in the recent Royal wedding we saw that.If its not white, then you should go for more colours related to white like cream and baby yellow.

The good thing with white is that it symbolises peace and you can always expect the whole wedding to end well.Anyway that's only a tradition,what matters is the congregation cooperation.
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It would be more easy to answer your question in which community your marriage is being made, if you are a indian usually the bridal saree is red or maroon, these days people picking up with deep pinks. We don't have a big option for wedding, but if you wanna choose for a reception, then go with pastel  colors according to your wedding backdrop with same color or dark and light combination. example if you are wedding backdrop is in dark blues with white combination, then you can go with pastel pink, that will be really pretty.
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I rather choose the color that I will look pure. Every bride looks good in white and even the songs from West Life says it all. You look beautiful in white. It shows purity. However, if you choose a combination of not strong colors, it will look good too  like baby pink or peach, light earth colors will look good too. I suggest you buy lots of magazine about weddings, for sure they will feature samples of wedding dresses. You can even pick a good design. Stroll and browse on the internet as well. Find a wedding dress designer and check their sample. For sure you will have lots of idea. The problem is to weigh your options because you will see a lot for sure. Find a picture that will suits your taste and find your color the describe the whole you.
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