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For me it is something indulging for my tastebuds and I am craving for it now.
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For the record that the food is sweet is enough reason for people liking to eat it more often. 

Who likes to take bitter drugs? I don't think such person exists. 
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who doesn't like sweet food really, junk food has become the order of the day to everyone. sweet food gives you energy and jogs up your metabolism, it is only fair that you feed your body with some sugar otherwise you will not operate as usual.

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Humans are naturally down to sweet. Human tongue comprises the taste buds that provide the sense of taste. As we belong to primates we have a highly developed palate for sweet.

The humans are born with an innate preference for sweet food, this preference can be observed in even newborn babies.
The sweet food contains essential fatty acids, this is the benefit of having sweet food.
Selecting the sources for having natural sugar usually contains healthy nutrients alongside with their counterparts. Vegetables, fruits and dairy products provide natural sugar in addition to fibre, vitamin, carbohydrates etc. 
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According to science research, there's existence of "sweet tooth" in almost all human beings. This hence causes the cravings of sweet things in human beings.There's a certain morphine like biochemical substance in the brain that makes a person enjoy the sweetness of the sugary foods. As much as the sugary foods might be harmful its also essential in the body.This is because carbohydrates are easily broken down to glucose. In short they're ready glucose essential for the body.

Not only human beings have cravings for sugars but also the animals apart from the carnivorous.

When we consume sugary foods, our bodies release a certain hormone thus making us feel good. Craving for sugars is sometimes hereditary and at times the feeling just comes on naturally. We ought to be cautious when taking sugary foods since they may lead to overweight and can destroy your teeth.
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I agree, we have different taste of glands in or tongue; salty, sweet, bitter, sour, so we can taste any foods.
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In general, eating sweets will help your brain to be alert and moving. Like eating chocolates, dark chocolates helps the brain especially when you are reading or studying something that needs you to remember everything. Some of the students are eating chocolates when they study. If you ask me, I eat sweet foods when I eat a lot of salty ones. I eat Ice cream when i am stress and wants to feel happy for a little bit. Emotionally, it helps me to cope up with stress and pressure. It calms down my mind. Coffee helps me focus on my work because it keeps me awake for long time. It even keeps me awake when I need to work late at night for my online jobs. Sweets are very useful but too much of this will lead to diabetes so eat moderately. If you are into sweets, you need to drink a lot of water to flush away excess sweets in your body or much better to be in control and not making it as a habit.
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Even though the human tongue can detect four flavors--sour, bitter, salty, and sweet, humans are naturally drawn to the sweet flavor. Some people would claim that this is because we, as humans, are the evolved primates who are used to eating fruits. However, researches point that the inclination to sweet food are highly caused by genetics. In an experiment conducted by Danielle R. Reed, they found out that genetic factors account for approximately 30% of variation in sweetness from person to person. Hence, it is our DNA that determines how sensitive we are to a certain flavor be it sour, bitter, salty or sweet. On the other hand, neuroscientists explain that sugar leads to dopamine release -- an area associated with motivation, novelty, and reward. Thus, we tend to be addicted to the "good" feeling brought about by eating sweet foods.
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Who doesn't like sweet food to quench first the appetite for sweetness. I as a person I like sweet food because it helps me relish my food. Sometimes all we need to get us functioning after a very hectic day work is  a very sweet food.

Generally people eats sweet food to wet the appetite and love the food they're eating.

It can actually help one lose weight. I noticed that the more I take sweet food,I get filled easily and I know when I'm full too,so it will enable me limit my calories intake. So it same with others.

Sweet foods is really helpful as breakfast, it helps one consumed more food which helps give one the needed energy one need to function effectively daily.
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I agree with you, sweet foods is something we can't resist to eat.
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It is not out of place for people to always want to eat foods that are sweet. That is just how we are all wired. This interest for eating sweet foods, perhaps started immediately we learn to take solid foods as children. I rememmered very well how my mom would try to fix me a mouth watering meal as a kid by ensuring it is very sweet, because she knows that if it's not sweet, I won't eat it. However, as we grow up this pattern of making sure the food we eat is sweet became our second nature.

Biologically, we have what is known as taste buds in our mouths. These taste buds is designed in such a way that they can identify the type of food being given to them. They help to tell if a particular food is sweet, sour, or bitter. And they are more likely to prefer sweet foods than the sour or bitter ones. That is why we always like eating foods that are sweet.
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People lovevto eat sweet food because sweet food is enjoyable and very comfortable to consume at anytime. If a food us not sweet people don't tend to enjoy it. This makes me to know why a lot of people don't eat bitter leaf soup, simply because it us never enjoyable at all.

Though, the bitter leaf soup have much health benefit compared to even the sweet foods or soups that we consider as sweet. Since it helps to lower the body sugar level to highest minimal.

Sweet food has much has  enough health benefits too especially the vegetables. But undoubtedly, can not be consumed consecutively because it causes purging which its result to much lost in body nutrients and weight. So it is advisable to consume sweet food in a control gauge.
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Well, from my experience and understanding, it's in human nature that the body craves what is more sweeter that what is bitter. So, for this very reason, human beings are more interested in eating more of food and other supplements that are very sweet than the ones that are not sweet.
This is applicable to all human beings irrespective of the individual's age because both adults, teenagers, and children all react in the same way when it comes to eating something that is sweet. It's only when one is having some complications in one's health that staying away from eating sweet foods and other items would become a priority for that individual.

Take a look at kids, they always love to eat sweet and chocolates. It's a very normal thing to all kids.
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Sweet foods are sweatened so that people can it them right? I must confess i have a sweet tooth, and that has caused me dearly over the years. I have had enough teeth extracted because of sweets, but that has never deterred me from eating sweet stuff. Whether its food, snacks or candy that will always be a favorite. If i was to put chocolates, crisps, cookies and the like on a table right now am sure all of us will jump on it because its all sweet stuff to devour. Something funny as much as this foods bring us illnesses and make us put on so much weight, we still cannot live without them, for the simple reason that they give us so much pleasure, they give us energy, create fats in our bodies and so on. They are all beneficial in one way or another, but they need to be taken in small quantities to avoid sicknesses.
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People loves sweet food because naturally or biologically the system is more comfortable with sweet food.  The fact that the body system absorbs all kinds of food whether it is sweet, tasteless or bitter,  the stimuli respond differently immidately the tongue makes contact with food substance,  the body responds positively while it responds negatively to bitter food, this makes feel uncomfortable when we consume bitter food.
The most useful class of food to the body which are protein are mostly sweet food and it mostly consumed followed by carbohydrates which are also sweet to an extent.
The appetite arose more for sweet foods and we should also be aware that excess consumption of sweet food have health implications on us.

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