How many questions can we answer in in a day to get points?
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One answer is equal to 10 points. A member can answer up to 50 questions but after that there will be a checkpoint made by the administrator.
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But do answer after 10 recieve points? Because what I have observed till now is that you don't get points for answer exceeding 10, though you can definetly answer more question but they are not counted.
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There is a checkpoint after answering 50 questions. But to better know the answer yourself, just keep on answering questions until it leads you to the answer your looking for.
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Well said, We can get to know the correct number, by exploring our own.
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Answer answer and answer as you want 

Till you are bored 

You will make 10 points each one answer

Work hard and organize your time

More you work more you get
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Yes that's what I'm doing recently, I tend to answer and answer until I get bored
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It think there is no limit in answering questions. You can add answers and give comments to the questions. It will give points for doing so.
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I haven't been limited to answer but I guess comments have specific limit and it tells you to come back within an hour to comment again
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If I don't have something to do in a day. I'm doing at least a hundred. But since internet is slow here and I'm going to some place and been busy, I'm averaging 50 answers at least the whole day. Haven't reached limited questions yet because I answer in intervals
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