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Now that I am older I have to wear glasses most of the time even though they make me feel older. Do you think they make a person look less attractive? I have contact lenses too but glasses are so much easier to use.
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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Everyone of us have other things to worry too.
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On the contrary, I think glasses make one look attractive especially if it's the type that fits perfectly well on the person's face. 
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Not really, I hate it when partner told me that I look ugly or old if I wear glasses just because he didn't saw anyone wearing glasses. Which in fact most people wearing it, he is unfriendly guy by the way.
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Maybe. There are some people who it makes to look very sexy and attractive while there are some it makes to look old and ugly. 

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People have different tastes to some you might look attractive and to others to might look less attractive. According to my personal experience, glasses make someone look gorgeous. This also depends with the type of glasses someone is wearing. Some glasses are really awesome with very nice frames while others are literally not so nice mostly those one's worn by the older people. If you want to be attractive to people especially when you're wearing glasses then try hard and find those that are beautiful.

Have seen people forging that they got eye problem so that that can at least get a pair of glasses. It hence means that, glasses make you look beautiful. Besides, people do believe that if you wear glasses, then you are intelligent. For me, I find this as an awesome perspective.
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Thank you for this reply, it has made me feel better about having to wear mine. I like the thought of looking intelligent!
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I would not agree nor disagree, but some people are just ignorant and doesn't know how to react to people who wear something in their faces like glasses.
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It depends on a person on how they carry their glasses. I wear glasses but most of my friend says that I look cute on my glasses. I have a pink one and I feel I still look good. On some people, I saw that they look old with their glasses. In fact, a certain 8th grader looked old when she is wearing eye glasses (my neighbor's daughter). Maybe because she is wearing a big glasses and it is circle. It doesn't fit the shape of her daughter. It looks awkward. There are sites in the internet that will guide you on what certain types of glasses that looks good on your face. The right glasses should be wear so that you still not look old. 

Eye glasses are very helpful. Some are just using it as a part of their outfit or to create a statement. Me, I will be blind if I will not wear one but I do not depend on using it when I am at home. I do not depend on it all the time. We use it to help us to see clearly. But anyway, it doesn't matter if you look old with glasses because what matters is that you can able to see clearly. 
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I won't say it helps one to look attractive but it definitely doesn't make one look less attractive but it sure hrlpful for the eyes especially for those with bad eyesight. 
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Glasses is meant for people to see because they have lost their partial eyesight, so I would not find it less attractive at all. But there are some people who doesn't like wearing it, but when it comes that they are the one who needed glasses, they will swallow their pride.
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