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I want to store illegal copies of new movies to download through my site. Which hosting company provides the best hosting for movie download website?

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To tell you the truth this one is basically really risky to do. I actually wouldn't store copies on your own website if I were you. Here is how I'd go about this one:

  1. There are many torrent sites. You can create an account on there, make sure you don't use your personal information and there is no way to trace this back to you.
  2. That means you'll need to invest in a good VPN or even proxy to do this one. Keep it active and paid for each month and only use this on the torrent site.
  3. Now add the move to your website. You can always link back to the torrent site and let the person download it from there.
  4. Downloading directly from your website can get you into a lot of trouble.
  5. You can also store the movies on an upload site. Not all upload sites will allow you to do this one so be careful. 
As for doing this on your own website, I'd consider another alternative. You don't want to be caught with illegal films on your personal website. This can cause you a lot of legal actions and they do go after people now for this. 
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I don't really know much about hosting illegal contents but I know one hosting site which exasys individual cloud. The individual cloud is a cloud computing sservice wwhich is customizable to the requirement of their client. They provide individual I.T infrastructures.

Exasys individual cloud from my research looks excellent for secure hosting. You can determine the type of device to use use it on. Either laptop or android phones. With enough I.T resources. Meanwhile, irrespective of data storage , RAM, or CPU power needed, the secure virtual servers will offer the flexibility to need up with your demand.

By the way, all servers are located in two swiss data centers in the greater Zurich area  owned and managed by exasys and its affiliate.

So i expect it to provide your basic needs

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