Earn money online by transcribing and proofreading for beginners. 
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Hi. There are so many of them out there, but I am going to tell you just three of those websites that I have personally worked with. These three websites pay weekly and accept workers from every part of the world; they also have different payment methods.

The websites are:

1) TranscribeMe(www.transcribeme.com): I personally like this website for the simplicity of their application process. They accept workers from every part of the world. The only thing required of you is to thoroughly read through their Working Guidelines. Once you accept that you have read through the article, they will give you a very simple test(when I say simple, I mean it). They only want to be sure that you can pay attention and adhere to their instructions. Once you pass the English proficiency test and correctly transcribe the two audio files they will give you, they assume that you can handle their jobs; they will review your application within 48 hours and tell you to start work. Their pay rate for beginners is $15/hr. Honestly, it keep increasing as you are given more jobs to do and as you impress them the more.

2)Rev(www.rev.com): They do both transcription and translation. They pay workers every Monday by 5.p.m. Pacific Time provided you have earned a minimum of $15. They will give you about two to three demo audios to listen and transcribe. They review your application within a week and then tell you to start work if you qualified.

3)Cactus(www.cactus.com): They do anything from transcribing, translating to drafting of academic papers. They accept workers from all over the world and they pay with different options. Only that some of their jobs require you to present at least a Bachelor's Degree certificate for you to be considered. But you can apply just as a normal transcriptionist without presenting any document. They merge you with clients and the pay for each job depends on the type of the job.

I hope I have answered your question. Go ahead and try out any or the three of them. You will be happy to be paid to do what you love doing. Good luck.

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I have already tried on TranscribeMe but I don't think they are accepting any new user in my country.

Thank you so much for the answer. I appreciate your effort.  I will try the other sites as well :)

I used to go to Quicktate.com but they're now having a clearance fee before you can apply to them as transcriber.
Can I work as a transcriptions using my phone? Do I need certain gadgets such as computers otlr anything? Do the pay through PayPal? I would really love to try another site that isn't forums or question and answers. 
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First transcribing site is Scribbie. But it is the lowest paying site because it is made for beginners. After that you can try various sites such as Casting Words, Rev, Speech pad and so much more. However, transcribing is a freelancing job and you can work when it suits your time.
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You may try scribie or transcribe me.The only problem with scribie is that they take fast come fast served and the test files before you join are not enough.This makes the joininig timeframe so long as you have to keep waiting for test files.
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