What smartphone do you use on a daily basis? Which one do you recommend using?
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What is the best smartphone available? The best smartphones are available now OnePlus 9 Pro. ... iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. ... Oppo Find X3 Pro. ... Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. ... Google Pixel 5. ... Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Most polished foldable available. ... OnePlus 9. The best value flagship. ... Samsung Galaxy S20 (& Plus) Excellent across the board. Use these Moblies help you now a days. 
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Without smartphone life is nothing.As a student i can know the importance of smart phone.Today online classes,exams being conducted by the colleges is because of the smart phones.I would reccomend vivo 1606 as i am using it
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I use Vivo Y15 :')

And I would recommend that phone which will be enough specifications for you, don't run for status and end up buying the most costly one because even that one will no longer be rhe most modern one after a couple of years.
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Smart phones are now a days become part of everyone's life. Without smartphone no one can live.Most of the people spending time with smartphone. In my opinion each and every phone companies are trying to be number one. I am suggesting Micromax q349 and Redmi 9
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Mi 11 - This is Mi’s flagship phone series of the year but not the best. That’s because Mi 11 Ultra is yet to debut which would make its way around end of March as per rumours. That phone will be the pinnacle of Mi phones this year. Bleeding edge cameras and display tech would be present.

Galaxy S21 Ultra - Probably the best phone available on the planet right now due to its extremely dynamic nature in terms of usability, camera and software.
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I am a android lover and according to me android is far better than iOS so i will suggest you some of the best flagship android phones

1-one plus 8T

2- samsung

3- IQoo7 legend

4- one plus nord
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