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It is not okay because she is married and why would she go on a date if she is married already.
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No it's not okay, why should she allow something like to happen, if anything she shouldn't even entertain such men, because they are upto no good. This are the kind of men who breakup people's marriages.

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Well from my point of view I would say not really because if you are married you are hopefully committed to your relationship with your husband. If you don't say no the other man will take it that you are interested which could lead to all sorts of problems.

I'm assuming if you didn't say no that you are interested in this man and had even considered going on a date with him. Is this what you really want? I can't tell you what to do because I don't know enough about you but don't destroy your marriage on a whim because you might regret it later. It's your decision but think about it carefully first.
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It is not okay for a married woman not to inform someone who asks her out on a date about her marital status. This is because unless it is a formal setting, when someone is asked out on a date, it signifies that the other person is interested in you and wants to know more about you. It is assumed that he or she does not know much about you. It is your duty to tell and it is their right to know. Some people may not want to have anything to do with someone who is married from the opposite sex, not even as casual friends. So it might seem deceitful on the part of a married woman if she does not tell the other person that she is married. She may not think much of it but it is important to tell.
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First it depends with you as a person. Your loyalty and your principles as a person.If the person is aware you're married then at least you're safe and if he's not aware then you can make him know and whether he'll be comfortable with that. When you decide to go on with him on a date, then suggest an  open place and let it be brief.

On the other side, ask your man for permission first. This might bring a lot of issues but as long as your man trusts you then there's no problem.Let him understand what the whole date is about and be sincere.

Generally, I don't feel its cool for a married woman to go out on a date unless its a meeting which is crucial like it involves job issues and others.
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You can look at this from several points of view today. 

  1. Many people can't afford a divorce so they are still married, however, they no longer live together or have a relationship with their partner. The woman wants to move on with her life so she accepts the invitation to go out.
  2. If a woman is married and still living with her partner and accepts this invitation this one is wrong. She is either unhappy, her husband has cheated on her and she is looking to do the same, or she just wants out of her marriage and doesn't know how to do this.
  3. Some families can't get a divorce because of the children and how expensive it will be. So they stay together in the same home and live separate lives. Each one of them will date and see other people. However, they live in the same home because of the kids and how expensive it would be to have two different home.

I think it would all depend on what the circumstances are if the woman would tell the guy when he asks her out for a cup of coffee or even a meal. Now if the dating goes further than a simple cup of coffee or even a meal then she should let him know about her marriage and why she accepted his invitation. 

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I red through all your points and they very well explain situations why a married woman would agree to go on a date with another man. But what you failed to point out is a situation where the woman is still very much married and just decides to go on the date not because she's unhappy with her marriage and wants to get out, or because her husband has cheated on her before, but simply because she wants to indulge. Women also make mistakes that end up hurting their husbands. 
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This is totally wrong on all grounds,why would any married woman go on a date with another man except her husband. This is morally and naturally wrong.

When we take our oaths to be with our partners we are to totally exclude every other person from the bond,no one is allow to admire,celebrate,pick one out or take the place of one's husband when the man is still alive,that's like a taboo in my country.

When once a woman is married she is expected to decline all advances by other men,be it a simple date or not. Having a date or taking a vacation should solely be the responsibility of the husband and truthfully a good wife should report such an advance by another man to her husband.
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I think if a woman or anyone, either woman or man, if you are already married,you should not be dating. Yes, there are times, or there are moments in the marriage that they start to get confused if they are married to the right person, but marriage is a vow. It is a promise you made in front of God and a promise to both of you that you will be each other's strength when you start to get weak. I think the answer is no. A married woman should not get married. If she will start dating, it will be hurting if they will betray their husband. You know what, even if the man betray their wife, it is still does not look good if the woman is doing the same. It will only cause a lot of problems in marriage. The answer is no if she is respecting the relationship they have.
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Asking an opposite sex for a date,  most times  is usually a step up to the level of intimacy you keep with the person , this makes it very important for the woman to let the man know she is married in a manner that is polite and respectful cos it not never written on faces of women as regard their status and not very many wear wedding bands. This will send a very strong signal of a defined boundary to the man especially if he is responsible. It is also very important for married women to watch their outfits, kind of association and sense of responsibility because these are signals that speaks for themselves to prevent questions of date from male counterparts.
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It is completely wrong for another man that you are not married to to ask you out on a date and you consenting to it. It might be just a harmless dating outing but consider the backlash it might have on your reputation when your man gets the news that you were found with another man at different location. It is a ridiculous thing to even consider at the first place because it does not speak well of you as a faithful wife.
Your commitment, loyalty and fidelity to your significant half, it is not something that should be sacrifice at the alter of dating outing. Let your conscience guide you aright on this crucial matter, and you'll find out that it is something absolutely wrong.
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Since you said "date" then this means that you are referring to the romantic kind of date. I think it isn't right for a woman to not refuse. Men, for one, will not ask for a woman to go on a date if he doesn't have the intention of making his feelings known. I kept on thinking about possible scenarios when a man just randomly asks a woman to go with him, with nothing but genuine companionship. However, if this is the case, then I would not be referring to this as date but rather hang-out.

Hence, a woman should be wary and sensitive enough to know if a man sees her as someone special. As a married woman, she has to put their commitment above things like this, and should not risk entertaining such invitations.
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Something is not actually clear from your question sorry to say, are confirming that she attended or she just didn't say no. She might not say no just because she don't want their conversation tto extend beyond that or she might keep mute and not attend.
But whoever one, a married woman must learn to keep her calm and respect the oath of bond. Though, the world is a bit complicated now, some person are married physically but a widow psychologically, many couples don't have peace and very economical with intimacy between the two.
So, it is not right for her not to decline she needs to let the man know such things won't happen because she's married. And if the man persist and refuses to desist. Then she need to take further steps to make sure  to avoid him. Such a date is not always with hidden agenda but the past is just a lesson.

And if she is interested, then the case is simple andc4

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