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I am a youtuber who is monetizing my videos through youtube ads. For getting more money more views are needed. I have uploaded many interesting videos but my videos are getting only very few views. I tried to promote the video through various social medias still the views are not that great. I think for more views one must concentrate in good keywords in youtube title and description. Is there any tool to find good keywords for getting big traffic on youtube videos?

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Youtube is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website or promote any of the niche products you have to sell. Well, for getting more views on youtube your videos titles must be optimized to a search keyword that people are searching for the most either in youtube or on google. Give a nice keyword title and a good well described description for your video with enough keywords in it. But How? That's the question. For this, you have to research and find better working keywords. It's a lot more work than creating a video and uploading it to youtube. But you can find a better ranking keyword easily by some tools available there for keyword research. Many of them are paid but here I am giving you a link to download a free tool that worked for me on creating successful videos which are having 25million or more views in just a month or two. This youtube keyword finder works much better than other keyword finders for blogs and website posts because this tool is made to find the behavior of people searching for video. Actually, I bought this tool two years ago but now it has a latest updated version. That too for free of cost! I think this tool can help you to get the right answer to your question. See the download link here
Don't forget to post the results here after using this tool. I wish you a better youtubing. Kudos
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There are many tool available online where you can do youtube keyword research. is very popular tool for keyword research. You can do keyword research for google, youtube, amazon, bing etc. 

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The truth is that although you do a lot of publicity, and you choose the keywords carefully, and your video is "pretty", if there is not a market, or a group of people large enough that they can have interest in your video, all the strategies and tools that utilices will not help.

For example, making the best product in the world, but if there is not a viable public that can use it, it does not help.
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