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Fiverr, definitely. Many freelancers are able to make a living off of it - you just need to be able to find your niche and pitch your services to others. It's a very simple system that has the potential to make you lots of money.

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There are many ways to make money online. Most of them give small rewards but if you earn on more than one site it will soon add up.

One of the best earners is probably doing surveys and there are many sites which offer rewards for filling out their questionnaires. You can join directly through a survey site or do it through a reward site which offers many different ways of earning money. My personal favourite is forum posting which is usually slow earning but I enjoy the interaction with other people. I belong to ForumCoin, YourCashChat, Earnthatbuck and MyLot but there are others out there. Then there is Answeree of course which is unique in that you can answer questions and earn from helping people.

Blogging is another way to earn although it takes more effort in that it requires constant attention to keep it updated and interesting to the people who read it. If you enjoy writing there are sites that will pay you for writing articles or perhaps small tasks are more your thing. There are sites like Spare5 which will offer rewards for carrying out these tasks.

New sites are starting up all the time, so keep searching and I am sure you will find something which suits you.
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It depends with the skills that you have.If you can transcribe, then there are several sites that offer this kind of jobs.Some of those sites that offer this services include humanatics, scribie, transcribeme and Rev among other sites.

There are also other sites like forums although some do give a good income and others don't. Some of those forums include, beer money forum,postloop, forum wheel, forum coin, earn that buck and among other forums.Working in all these forums can guarantee you $50 per month.

Also,you can do microjob sites like Microworkers and picoworkers. The tasks aren't always easy but you can always find easy tasks like Facebook likes, retweeting and signing up tasks.So far Microworkers is the best and you can be guaranteed $10 per month if you're serious and determined.

Finally we have some legit PTC sites like neobux, clixsense and ayuwage.These PTC sites have been around for a long time and they've been paying the members. The only problem is  that they're slow earning unless you upgrade your account.
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Making money online has become so easy this days. This is because of the many platforms that have been introduced to enable people to work online. Based on my views, I am going to share three platforms that are good in making money online.
1. Google AdSense.
This days we find many ads in the websites we search online and in the apps we use on the phones. There is a reason for this, people are earning from them. If you have a blog or a website, you can sign up for a free Google AdSense account. Google will then provide a unique code to paste onto your website. There is no much knowledge needed here since it requires no upkeep or maintenance. Another advantage is that Google will help monitor you account, tracking your page views, traffic and earnings.
2. YouTube.
This is another good platform to make money online, especially for people who like creating videos. You can create your YouTube channel and start earning from the videos that you upload there.
3. Forum discussions.
Forum discussions do not pay much but it creates a good way to earn some extra cash online, especially if you work in several sites. The best forum platforms that I have used and loved include forum coin, your cash chat, mylot and digital global forums.
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For me this is the best platform ever to make money online & I intend to stick with them for a very long they really are a life saver.

The platform is called Builderall they provide so much value (that's why it's easy to sell) they let you make Websites, Webinars, Animated Videos etc through Drap & Drop feature which is very user friendly and also provide Pre-Made Templates in almost every niche so it's perfect for beginners and even those who are in advance ! Since they provide almost ALL Online Marketing tools + for a very cheap price compared to other platforms and all the value they provide (for only $49) + tutorial videos that showcase and teach you everything on how to use the platform & do affiliate marketing correctly and much more so you seriously get everything you need to use & know from one platform.

Here's a 90 Day Strategic Plan to achieve $2000 shown in videos done by the Marketing Director of Builderall himself for FREE

Haven't seen such a platform that provides everything in one place with videos that show you everything you need so you can learn and make money at the same time !

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There are so many good platforms to make money from,but sometimes locations hindered us.Most sites pays better for tier 1 countries and some good ones don't accept at all international workers which is appalling.So you will mostly make good money online if you resides either in US,Canada,UK and other recognized countries.

If you have good marketable skills you can start with all the freelancing site to sell your can check out,peopleperhour,fiverr, these are all great sites to make money.

If you good with article writing then you can try sites like,iwriter, etc.

But if you don't have the required skills you can make do with posting on sites like here,forum coin, postloop, forum wheel,bulkcommets and digitaglobal.
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If you really want to make money online, jobs fro or OnlineJobs.Ph could be a better platform for you to start. There are microjobs there but the challenge is the word "bidding" because some clients wants people working on them that already have an experience doing the job. Mostly, the people who land the job are those with good reputation and lots of noted experience that is truly related to the task. If you have skills like editor, transcriptionist, SEO writer, blog writers, and a lot of more, even graphic artists, you can try to start building your resume on those sites like Upwork. It is challenging, but it is also the same when you are applying for work online, you have lots of people to compete for. Just try and make your first job offer.
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Essentially, there are numerous platforms out there you can earn from, but the question is, do you have the requisite skills to deliver excellent services? If your answer is yes, then you're good to go. Because these platforms are mainly interested in one's expertise and skille to offer them profitable services.
There are revenue sharing sites, where you can make a contribution and your points we would be recorded and later converted to earnings, just as it is with answeree, weegy, and others. Also, there are sites where you can take a survey and would be paid after successful completion of tasks given to you.

We also have other interseting websites that offer different job opportunities to their registered members such as Upwork, Freelancer, etc. If you are good in content writing, website design, data entry, language translation and transcription, you would definitely find an employer that will hire you to work for him/her.
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When it comes to making money online as a freelancer, I'm still new to the field and I'm completely the only one to be blamed for learning about new ways to make money online through legitimate platforms. The reason for my skeptical behavior towards becoming a freelancer was as a result of the horrible experience I had when I was scammed doing online ponzi. So, immediately after such bad experience with making money online, I locked up entirely believing that all online means of making money are all scams.
It took a strong convincing from one very good friend of mine to try out and I was able to make a few dollars in a month posting on the site before I was introduced to My experience with have been great so far, so I can easily recommend it to anyone who wants to earn money online.

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