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Direction in a thesis statement means the direction of the research work or the paper you are preparing. Typically the work flow starting from the research problem upto the solution or future directions to a potential solution. It is basically of the principal component of a proper research paper along with the scope, aim and purpose of the work that is performed.

    In practical or general language the direction of a thesis statement determines the future of a under research problem i.e. the potential application in social, economic, medical and any other fields which in turn is important for evaluating the overall impact of an article that is reported.

  Significantly although thesis direction is a part of the introduction itself, it subtly express the general connectivity to a broad range of readers as well as the influence on the relevant field. 
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For me this means you need to understand your thesis more. In this way, you can defend it more. You can find other ways to apply what you learn because you understand what you are doing and even applying it in a practical way. That even they will ask you a lot of questions about your thesis they will able to understand what you are trying to explain because you really understand what you research or what you had studied. You need to provide some examples that you already applied your studies in this practical ways, that it cannot be applied only once but even more to some. This will determine how much you know about your thesis. This is the part when you are challenged to prove how much you studied your thesis and how much you want to prove that you did everything right.

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