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Yes I have, actually.

It was on a money earning site where I saw the ad. This was perhaps an Adsense ad from Google which was flashing by the web page. The product looked good. And, at that point, I was actually on a lookout for a similar kind of product. However, curiosity gripped me up, and I wanted to give the product a try. The price of the product was almost double of what I was using. I paid online in advance, which was again a mistake from my end.

Nonetheless, when the product arrived, I found that it was totally different from what they'd said. I tried to return, but got a shock to find that the address and phone number of the seller are duplicitous. There was then no point in beating around the bush. It was a lesson that came with a price.
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I have indeed. I can't even believe I was so naive but when I look back the advertising was very convincing.

I wanted to sell my car urgently and saw a site which promised it would sell within a week of first displaying an ad of my car. I rang them and they asked me to send pictures and details of my car so that they could put it on the site. The only catch is there was a fee of £70 (around $90). If I had thought more about it I would not have paid it but I thought if I sold the car I would have plenty of money anyway.

I anxiously awaited the calls they promised me but after a week I had heard nothing and it was quite worrying that I couldn't find the ad on the site anywhere. I rang them and I did get a reply but they just told me the ad was there and I should be patient. I never heard another word from them and after the initial call I could never get through. It was just an elaborate scam and I feel stupid that I even fell for it. Eventually I sold the car privately but that was a lesson learned the hard way for me.
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No, I haven't. I will go there to see the offers and what is too good to be true. I love examining these types of ads or even work at home programs that offer you amazing deals. I will find out all the people who've been ripped off and have complained about the companies. Afterward, I'll write up a review of this company and post it on my website. 

Several years back I was hired by a company to look online and identify all the scams and fake websites that were trying to rip people off. I ran across one company out of China and they were really good. They had amazing offers and unbeatable prices. However, when you started to dig deep into this company, you found out that this was the 10th site they had opened up, same merchandise, and same bank account and holding company. The company only allowed wire transfers or money orders, or direct bank deposit. All these were untraceable and there was no way to get a refund from them. Once you ordered, they claimed that they needed to ship in bulk, therefore, they refused to ship to you unless you ordered another 10 items of the same thing you'd ordered.

Always checking for reviews or complaints before ordering anything online is the only way to avoid this.
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I have come across such on a cryptocurrency site. I was just new into the idea of earning these currencies online. I was thrilled with the experience and so I believed almost everything I saw. I was claiming satoshi on instant BTC when I saw an ad called BTC Generator. I was supposed to make just one click to generate 0.1btc. Amazing! I thought. I did that and then I submitted my bitcoin address for the coins to be sent. 

Then there was a twist. They asked me to send a certain fishy amount of bitcoins to verify my wallet address. Then I thought, "this isn't for real" and I stopped  right there. From then, my eyes opened to the reality of fraudsters online. 

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