Please describe the beauty of stars in your own way
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Stars go through many phases of life, much like other organic beings. When a star is a ding, it turns into a white dwarf, when the star uses up all of the chemicals required for its nuclear fusion reaction, it will fuse a large clump which will emit white light until it finally darkens for good. Somewhat a glittering night in the dark black sky has a beauty that cannot be described but can only be felt.
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Not stars but milky way in general.

It's as if seeing thousands of gems embedded in the sky. A spellbinding moment that can make you forget about the whole world while you state at the tiny Diya twinkling ever so gentle.
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The stars are night lights for me. I enjoy staring up at them because it is so relaxing. Stars for me symbolizes night time and the time to take a rest because you've done a great job on that day. That beauty is a reward for you to be relaxed.
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Stars are incredibly beautiful and have fascinated people for thousands of years. They are responsible for the light and heat that sustains life on Earth, and their regular patterns in the night sky have been used for navigation and timekeeping. Their bright and varied colors, from the blue-white of hot young stars to the red of cool old ones, add to their beauty. The sight of a starry sky, especially from a dark location far from city lights, can be awe-inspiring. Additionally, stars can also be seen as symbols of hope, wonder, and the vastness of the universe.
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