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Aerobics is the other term for those kind of exercises involving stretching and strengthening of the muscles. Aerobics are very important especially when having your monthly because it alleviates the cramps and makes you feel better.Besides it helps in supplying oxygen to the muscles.Also, aerobics will help in boost your body and facilitate sleep which is very crucial especially when having your periods and it will help in boosting your metabolism which is very important.

Finally, aerobics allow free circulation of blood throughout the body which may at times cause anaemia (iron deficiency).Being seated all the time doesn't allow blood to circulate freely and that's why aerobics are important.
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Aeobics is a form of exercise. Me, I describe it as a form of cardio exercise while you are dancing. There is nothing wrong if you do it when you are having periods, in fact, it is good for you whenever you experience cramps. Normally, when we are having cramps, we stretch our body and we move a lot, so why not do some aerobics. This kind of exercise will help us move a lot and sweat a lot. This will lessen the pain in our stomach and will also help in blood flow, not only for the period itself, but in every part of our body. We will get tired after and the pain will go away for sure after an hour. Aerobics also will help us to sleep better at night. Sometimes when we are having period we are irritable. This kind of exercise will make us tired that all we need to do is to jump on our bed and sleep. Exercise is good for our body. It even makes our skin smooth and hair shiny so why not do it even when we are not having periods. 
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From my understanding, any kind of exercises and not just aerobics are healthy for any female who is in her monthly menstruation to take part in. These exercises comes in handy with assisting them to have their menstrual pains and cramps relived. Some women suffer from severe pains and cramps whenever they are undergoing their monthly menstruation. There are some who would need to take pills in order to help them get through the pains. My immediate junior sister happens to fall among the kind of females that needs to take pills as a result of menstrual pains.

Aerobics exercises are definitely going to be of immense help to reducing these menstrual pains but I took to research and discovered another way to help with reducing the pains and it with the use of hot water poured in a bottle and placed on the stomach. It stops or reduces the pains drastically.
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Every girl who has grown into womanhood understands what menstruation pains and cramps is all about. There are some lucky ones who doesn't feel much pains but only little cramps just for few times and the menstruation will stop but there are the unlucky ones who pass through hell within the four to six days menstruation duration, and even with drugs, they still feel a lot of pains.

Aerobics workouts can very well help to alleviate the menstruation pains and cramps because it helps to enhance blood circulation in the body, which we all know that menstruation have to do with losing blood and it's not an easy thing to do by bleeding for four to six days every month. My own menstruation pains me averagely but I don't take any drugs to help the pains stop.
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Yes it is very advisable for you to do aerobics which is a form of exercise during your period. Exercises have that relaxing and relieving effect on our muscles and entire body. Make sure that you are doing something mild and not very strenuous. You can practice the ones that target your abdominal muscles.
I would suggest that you add more stretches. This can really help especially when you have cramps. Aerobics can increase blood flow to all parts of the body hence you'll have much ease with less cramps. Just make sure that you aren't doing anything that would make you fatigued.

You can also consider drinking a lot of water during your period. It aids transportation of nutrients and blood flow. Add a proper diet to it and you'll be fine.
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Doing aerobics during one's period  will not only help one reduce menstrual cramps or pains but will keep one healthy and strong through out the period and beyond and as such it is pertinent to do some aerobics even in ones period. Aerobics are cardiovascular exercises that can help elevate the heart rate and speed up metabolism which will help one burn calories all day. These exercises include walking, jumping, jogging, skipping, swimming etc.
During these exercises during one's period will help to lighten one's flow and even help also to shorten the number of days for the period especially for those that hate long periods. Exercising during one's period can help one to fight water retention which brings about bloating and mentrual cramps. So it better to do some aerobics during one's period.
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Yes, you can, but it has be minor aerobic exercises not those intense one that can make you tap out at the end of doing them. Aerobic exercise become necessary during this period of menstruation because it helps to relief cramps and pains. It is believed that as you engage in aerobics, there is great amount of circulation of blood to those regions where pains or cramp is being experienced. And this immense blood flow allows the conveying of essential nutrients and oxygen contained in the blood. That is why is not only advised to do aerobics but also to improve on you diet. Consume foods that can elevate your mood, especially balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. You can also consume foods that have high amount of magnesium as they are needed for the functioning of muscles and nerves.
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