If we are living in end time and the world is going to end any time soon, what would you like to do at the last moment?
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I would spend the last moment evangelizing people so that they can repent of their sins and be administered into heaven after they have been saved. I would also be rejoicing with faithful people about making it to paradise.
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As you said we are living in end of time anytime and the world could end anytime soon. I wish I should get tesseract so that I could jump into any better time like Loki. 
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my last wish is to take my mother on a world trip because she was the only one who lives in between walls and always thinks about me and finds happiness in my life.
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Looking back, it's clear that only memories matter. So if i died tomorrow, I would be grateful to all those who helped me become who I am today, starting with my parents, because at the end of the day, they gave me something I will always treasure.

I'd also like to thank those who encouraged me and those who brought me down at times, they all played a equal role. I'd like to apologise to everyone I've harmed. I will be sorry for any and all the people I have hurt without recognising. I'd listen to my favourite song, eat my favourite cuisine, and take pleasures in small things that makes me happy.

Finally, I would write down what I have known and learned because we never know who would come across it and learn from it one day. 

Finally I'd want to close my day with taking one more look at the gorgeous sunset. 
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