What could you talk for 25 to 30 minutes about with absolutely no prior preparation?
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If you want to talk on specific topic and if you haven't prepared anything for it then 

1. You should share your experiences about that thing.

2. What is the knowledge you got about that topic from others that can be discussed.

3. Others' experiences about that topic or thing which you heard.

4. Here presence of mind is very important.

5. You should be able to answer every question related to what you talk.
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There is no better way than to improvise and talk for example about experiences - personal or things you've read/heard from other people. If you don't really know, just think up something (listeners don't really know if you are lying or not, and they won't ask questions about every single thing). 

However, what you really need to do is sound condfident, like you really know what you're talking about and you are prepared. Confidence is the key - as long as you look confident and don't stop talking, people won't question the credibility of your information that much. 
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You could talk about your jobs or share ideas about each others experiences maybe in another state or country or you could talk about things you both can contribute to like sports, movies, cars et cetera.
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I usually talk and have a class with my student online for about 25 minutes. It is a routine for me to teach them within the given time duration.
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