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When you want to become strong, aim fir physical, mental, and emotional. You needed them wherever you go. Physically strong you have to do exercises. While both mental and emitional it takes a lot if practice.

There are so many training that you can do but I would suggest going to gym and getting a professional training.

You can start judo class, it will help you know how to defend yourself and get stronger. 

Good luck. 

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Getting stronger is your choice. You can become whatever you want to. There are numerous verified ways to get strong. All the trainings are effective in their own way. But the main difference is the duration it takes to show significant progress. Some techniques in brief could help:

  1. A healthy and proper diet. There should be a balance between the carbohydrate and protein intake. Eat a good amount of protein. 
  2. Strength training which is possible only in the gym. 
  3. Physical exercies that could be performed free hand. For e.g. - Pushups and Planks.
  4. Another physical activity that may be effective is swimming. 
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For you be become strong physically, you have to make a commitment to be. And this strongness would have to be something done insideout, not the one you have to focus only on physical training alone. Because anybody you see out there with strong physique, it began by investing on internal part of the body.

So, if you really desire strong body, you have to eat well, which is consumption of balanced diet containing all the six classes of foods. Basically, let your diet to be rich in proteins and healthy carbs. More importantly, avoid the eating of processed foods considered as junk, as well as drinking of bottled soft drinks that are packed with sugars, instead go for raw fruits plus vegetables, and drink plenty of water. All these would help you have strong bones that would support your intense physical activities needed for strong muscles.

Now, you can then switch to resistant exercise that would tone your muscles, which would in turn accelerate rapid build up of muscular fibers. Exercises like plank, pull ups and push ups are great ones to begin with. You can as well alternatively hit the gym for better results. With these few exercises, you are definitely on your way of having strong body or being strong.
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There are two basic ways that you can work on yourself when it comes to getting fit and strong and they are by having a good diet and exercising. When it comes to having good meals, it is always important that  we put into perspective the idea of people eating a balanced diet and more of protein based meals. As far as I am concerned, this is the best way that you can have the necessary mindsets to excel.

When it comes to exercising, the first thing that comes to mind is getting attached to a gym place and doing the things that will enable one get to the best part of it. I have always tried to do the things that makes one to look fit and strong and even when I am not that free to keep working at the gym, I do some home workouts and it has really helped as well to remain fit and strong.
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To be strong nothing beats the old cardiovascular exercises especially for those that don't want to do anything strenuous then drawing strength from basics exercises can be of help.Anytime I feel very down and I need some strength and need to be strong I start with warming up which  could be light jogging indoors or jumping, then one can go full swing afterwards with skipping, swimming, heavy jogging,running, dancing etc. All of these can give one the needed strength but if one still want to take it to the next level, then endurance trek, lifting, endurance training, pressup and other strenuous activities can be added to gain more strength.

Don't forget to eat balanced diet meals to help in building your body,to also give you stamina and vitality.
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