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If you have been using your phone to access Facebook then it means that your app version of Facebook needs to be updated.Its always behaving this way especially when its not updated. Otherwise you can try installing Facebook lite only if you've been using your phone's Facebook.

Also, this issue might have risen after your cleared the Facebook data cache.All you have to do is uninstall the app then install it again and it will surely work.Also you need to check your internet connection.

Finally, another alternative, you can use the web to login in to your Facebook. This must work no matter what.Just try it out especially try logging in with the chrome.
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Here is a way to reset Facebook on your phone and get it up and working again.

  1. Disable Facebook on your phone.
  2. Disable the Facebook manager.
  3. Now restart your phone.
  4. Clear your cache.
  5. Restart your phone again.
  6. If you are using an Android download FB for Android or download it for iOS.
  7. Now log in again with your email address and your password. This should solve your problem.
  8. You can try browser on your phone to log into Facebook.
  9. If you are using any type of Proxy or VPN, this will need to be disabled when logging into Facebook. 
  10. There are many reports right now that the FB app is having issues after you turn off your phone and try using it again. However, the browser is working fine when you log in through your browser on your phone. 
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If that happens to you it means there is an error. First, you need to know if your internet has strong signal. Weak signal gives an error. Second, your app should be updated. Your phone will always tells you that you need to update it and you just need to click on something to get it done. Third, you should be using an app and not on Facebook on the website. It is more secure. Fourth, does your password match what you saved or what you always use? Fifth, you can try to turn your phone off and turn it on and try to log in again. Maybe you meet an error along the way. If these does not work, you can always change your password on your Facebook. Actually, regularly changing your password on your social medias could make it more secure and burden free.

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