Please tell less options but elaborate the option clearly.
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Nowadays we have many business and online business is the most popular now because it is in your mobile and your laptop or pc and about choosing the job it consider by your talent about me I like translation and subtitles and answer work 
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That was my answer I hope you understand my point and unfortunately still now I don’t gat any 
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I started as a newbie by going to YouTube and watching affiliate marketing videos. I saw sales styles I liked and lots I didn’t. I followed the ones who seemed like they had it together. I emulated their sales styles.

Then I went to JVZoo and watched for a few weeks. Every week they rank to top 10 most successful programs.

I suffered from what I’ve heard called “the shiny object syndrome” meaning I heard about the latest and greatest product and I had to have it!

What I finally learned was you need a few very necessary things. You need a website or blog page like Wordpress, an autoresponder, a sales funnel, a high converting offer and a tracking tool. I needed all these things in one program and someone to set it up for me.

I wish someone had bluntly told me these things right up front. It would have saved me lots of effort and failing with products that had some of these options, but not all of them and lots of money.

I finally found my current program. It has put all of these pieces together for me and I’m seeing success.

It's called The Commission Machine. Just like it sounds it’s a machine that brings in repetitive sales.
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the best option for earning online is doing freelancing jobs because in freelancing jobs there will be all types of field jobs like computer science, designers, data entry, and so on.

if you have an interest in taking videos then it gives the best earnings by uploading on youtube.

next, if you have an idea on affiliate marketing then it will also give the best earnings

next if you have teaching skills then there are so many websites to earn by teaching.
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