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There could be several factors behind all this:

  1. Some women do this because they are proud of their body and want others to admire it.
  2. Others do this for the money they can gain by posing nude on some websites.
  3. If a woman husband or partner doesn't tell them they have a beautiful body, they could do this to hear from others how beautiful they are.
  4. Some are young and just want to earn money so they do this in the privacy of their bedrooms and will normally find a way to distort their faces so people don't know their age.
  5. Some do this because it is a simple way to earn extra money and if you are single and can't find a job at least you can pay the rent.
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Ladies post nude pics for different reasons and one of them being cash.There are certain websites which do buy nudes.This encourages them especially those that need quick cash without struggling in any way.Most of these ladies don't care about the consequences because they're literally rotten and won't entertain anything if they're approached.

Also peer pressure is the major contributing factor.You find that a certain Lady wants to be like another celebrity who posts such kind of pictures.She will go ahead and post them on the internet hoping that she will the the trending topic and maybe after sometime become well known.
Finally we have desperacy.You find that out of the blues a lady want to be known and realises that the only way out towards that is to post several nude pics.
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I would think the main motive is money. Women posed nude long before the internet in the UK.  We had Page 3 girls in one of our newspapers where women would show off their breasts. There was a different woman each day. Imagine how many readers would see this but of course they got paid for it. There were and still are magazines where women pose completely nude and in all sorts of erotic poses.

Some young women have made the mistake of posing nude for a boyfriend and then find that it has been posted all over the internet when it was meant only for his eyes. This must be a horrible experience.

I always thought that women who posed nude would be young with perfect figures but it seems not. Women of all shapes and sizes will expose themselves to make money. I never thought of myself as prim and proper but it is something I never ever considered. I wonder whether some of these people think of what could happen in the long term. We hear of celebrities who started off by posing nude and then regret it as it comes out when they become famous making them look seedy.
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I could be very frank and could hurt someone but I need to say this. If you are doing this to yourself then you are not respecting yourself at all. You can take a picture of yourself nude, anytime and anywhere. You can love your body as much as you want but posting your nude body on the internet only means you are wanting some attention. Attention grabbing person to be exact. Posting nude could be an art on some on the other hand, as it is part of their job. They are getting paid on doing that. However, these people already accepted it as a job and they also accepted the way other people will think about them. Some will call them names for being that way, but as part of their job, they will just swallow their pride and do it. For some people who are just doing it, maybe they find happiness but I hope they are matured enough to accept the consequences of their actions. 
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Women always see themselves as sex symbol so to make men drool at them they come up with nudity to flaunt what they feel they have.

Some do it for money.Models are paid heavily to pose nude for some reasons either to get attention for a product a company need to sell or just to get people to pay attention to whatever the intent of the pose is all about.I read somewhere that Kim kardashian was paid million of dollars for posing nude for a trainers company just to attract people to buy trainers and you begin to wonder the connection between the two.

Few women just pose nude for the fun of it,they just enjoyed being nude and getting people to talk about them.

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