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I love going on vacation and try to go away once a year if I have enough money. I normally stay in my own country but I know some like to go abroad.  Do you like to go away or do you prefer to stay at home.

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I rarely take vacations. When it is the holidays, I love the solitude of my home. I relax, unwind and do the things I didn't have time for. My home is my comfort zone and I love it so much to a fault. So much so that friends and family encourage me to go out and travel more. 

Occasionally, I go to town with friends and see the newest places. We hangout and catch up on old times because I live in the same city but very far away from my friends. When I can afford it, I'd rather go abroad to places I've never been before and experience great pleasure. 

I would love to go and see the pyramids of Egypt, the Eiffel Tower and the beautiful exotic Bora Bora. Would be such a thrill I know. 
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answered ago by ELITE (3,451 points) 2 6 15
I rarely go for vacations especially the December holiday during the Christmas period is usually mandatory in my family. I usually hate this vacation especially going out with parents you always tend not to enjoy like in the situation where you're with your peers.Also, most of the places you can go to are always congested making it seem like a national public holiday. I love going to unique cool places where I can meditate on things.

Also am always in campus most of the times and I usually tend to have 4 months for the holiday. During this period I usually go to the  countryside to visit my grandma. The place is always cool especially the kind of weather which is rarely experienced in the urbans.The only problem with this place is that its very interior and less populated. I mostly tend to remain indoors almost all the time.

That's why I hate vacations. If I could get a cool place where I can engage in activities like swimming and etc I'll be so happy and maybe I can change my views on holidays.
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answered ago by LEGEND (5,826 points) 4 11 25
Vacations are good for you and help you to get away, relax, and enjoy something new. When you're working it is important to take time off away from your job and go somewhere different. When you come back, you'll feel refreshed and can handle the job and the stress again. I for one love to go on vacations and I find them refreshing and enjoy leaving for a few days to a few weeks at a time. 

Owing your own business makes it a bit more difficult to leave and forget about everything. However, it is necessary that you do this. I normally try and get away a few times a year. I find it helps when I get back to pick up the work and have a new outlook on life. However, there are times it is almost impossible to get away for one reason or another. I think it is necessary that you do because it is good for your body and your mind. Furthermore, it is good for your stress levels. 

When I go on a vacation, I prefer to leave here completely and go to some other country. Where I live there isn't much to do in my country that I haven't already seen or done before. Living on an island it is limited to find something new here to see or do. Therefore, I plan my vacation to travel and enjoy something I've never seen before. 
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Nope. I hardly even get a leave. Even when I have to leave with permission, I will just stay at home and work online though. I can only have a rest day during Holidays, but sometimes, we still have work on my offline job. We are paid double so I take advantage. I really want to travel. I sincerely want to experience what other's experience. I am even saving money for that, but job responsibility do not permit me as of now. I really want to calm down and go to a place where I can have one day peace of mind. That is the gift I want to receive on my upcoming birthday but as of now, it is not given.

In taking early vacation, there are no plans of vacation as it is not permitted, but if it is granted I really want to extend my holiday vacation so that the rest of the year is for working. I already requested this one but it is not permitted. I want to go around my country or might be stay in a hotel like staycation even for two days just to unwind and relax my mind.

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