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Whenever you look for a hosting be wise to read all hidden terms and conditions within the company website. Here are some wise points to keep in mind when selecting a web hosting for your site.

1) If you are serious about your website always go for the best web hosting. Not the cheapest one.

2) A good website is nothing with a slow loading speed. So check the hardwares used by the hosting company before buying a hosting plan.

3) If you are having a dynamic website then you should go for atleast a VPS. Shared hostings are not preferred as it cannot handle much concurrent connections.

4) You should be aware of the renewal pricing and the difference between their initial offerings and actual plans.

5) Always find a way to backup your site in such a way that if you want to restore it to another web host in case of moving on from the current hosting.

6) A live chat for customer support is always a plus point to consider while choosing a web hosting.

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