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How much Water do I need in a day? I take approximately 3.6litres everyday. Is that enough and if so, is it the same for all weather types.
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If you are an adult then 3.6 litres would be sufficient for your digestion and metabolism. It keeps your body hydrated as well. Drinking adequate amount of water can keep your body free from toxins because it helps you to excrete away the toxins. In order to keep myself hydrated I keep a water bottle near me always so that I drink a good quantity of water regularly.

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You have to drink water when you feel you need it. If you do sports, you have to drink more water. Anyway drinking water is a healthy habit and you can drink it all day.

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I overheard a doctor saying 2 liters of water a day is an average amount of water that a human being need but the real deal is that, which came from the doctor as well, we need water as long as our body needs it. They just put on 10 glasses a day for an ideal intake of water that we need to fulfill so that our blood goes through the veins to transport food and vitamins to different parts of the body that needs it. You need to drink water as long as your body needs it means, you need to drink water, more than of 10 glasses for everyday of your life. Like me, I start drinking 4 glasses with an empty stomach from the start that I wake up in the  morning. I drink a glasses before having my lunch and dinner. If I have a water intake, I feel energetic and I am less hungry. I always pee and that is the disadvantage but anyway, I am cleaning my body almost everyday so there are less toxins and danger for myself. 
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It's certainly enough to keep yourself hydrated and there are differing opinions on how much a person should drink.  Health authorities recommend  2 litres a day which amounts to around 8 glasses so you are well over that.

It's also possible to drink too much water and cause water intoxication which affects the brain. It waters down the blood sodium level, gets inside the cells and then causes them to swell. This is a life threatening condition although rare as most people know when they have had enough to drink.

We all drink more in the hot weather to replace the fluids we have lost, our body will tell us to drink by making us thirsty. I think the amount you are drinking is a healthy amount. 3.6 litres will flush your system through and keep you hydrated,
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Your body is made up of 60% water whether taken it or out.The body tends to lose water through urine and sweat and that's why its always highly recommended to hydrate the body by taking 8 glasses of water daily which is equivalent to 2 litres.When you don't hydrate the body, your brain doesn't function well and the overall energy in the body drops.

What you need to know is: always drink cold water. This will expend more calories as the body will be warming up to heat the water to body temperature. Also, drink water some minutes before eating and also don't drink water immediately after eating because you'll inactivate the enzymes during the whole process of digestion.

Besides weight loss, water can also prevent constipation, kidney stones and some other types of cancer. Water is life!
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I am drinking daily about 2 and half liters of water.When it is summer  I think it is important to drink more water,because the weather is hot,which by the way I like very much,because summer is my favorite season,and you can sweat more.

It is good to drink water after every meal,so the food is processed more easily by your organism.

I think even if you are not thirsty you have to include every day at least 2 liters of water in your schedule.

Drinking water is awesome,because your organism is needing it and after drinking water you will feel fresh and full of energy.

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