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There is a number of ways that you can use to identify a phone that was hacked.

  1. There are a number of spy apps available online. Some of these are deemed to be legal and patents use them to monitor their children's phone usage and where they are. They can actually see your email messages and much more on the phone. Installing these on your phone will require physical contact, therefore, you'll need a passcode on your phone so people can't get access or install this on your device.
  2. Check all your apps in your listing. Looks for ones you have no idea about or remember installing. If you located these, then remove them from your phone. 
  3. If you have an Android device you should install a mobile security app on your phone. This will help to identify people hacking or have already hacked your phone. 
  4. If your cell phone company uses an S S7 global phone network, it was identified 2 years back and still hasn't been fixed that a hacker can use this network to spy on your text messages. 
  5. If you have issues with your phone or hackers then use an end to end encryption for all your text messages. 
  6. Protect your WiFi network and when in public turn off your WiFi access. Hackers can snoop on you through non-secure WFi networks. 
Checking your phone and phone history is the best way to know if you were hacked and to help you prevent or stop the hacker.

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