I want to find a hosting to start my movie download site with torrent links. It include latest films, games and may be some celebrity tapes (adult content). How to go safe ? Which company provides the best hosting for the kind ? Need an expert answer @sil @Poehere
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For hosting any illegal content or adult contents there are some hosting companies which do it for a premium. Actually these companies are subsidiary companies of mainstream hosting providers. Another best way to choose is to get a reseller hosting plan and host your own website under it. So you may get a timeframe to change your hosting before it get deleted immediately whenever a complaint occurs. 

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There are so many hosting companies online these days. You can find free hosting or paid hosting. All hosting companies offer secure hosting and even downloads from your site. You are talking about building a specific website that allows people to download torrent files such as The Pirate Bay and a few other sites. Just keep in mind that a lot of these sites have issues and the content on the site is not always legal. Many of these types of sites have been closed down or they warn you about downloading from their site if you do not use a VPN. You will need to do a lot of research and decide if the content you are offering will be banned and the government can close down your site or not.
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