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Cosmetics are the main root cause of cancer like illness. Are they purposefully making people ill? Or is there any big gang behind these businesses?
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Yes, I believe there is. There tends to be some sort of collusion of complicity going between pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. I read an alleged report some time back that a certain pharmaceutical companies is extracting the collagen from new born babies, which they sell to cosmetic companies for the making of screams. No smoke without fire. In every rumor there's element of truth. It just might be these two companies have something shoddy and underhanded going on.
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There is no evidense about the accusations but, I think there is.

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I don't want to believe there's any illegal relationships going on between these two industries.Because like every thing in life we are given the freewill to chose and if one decides to choose cosmetics that are detrimental to their well-being and therefore begin to seek for medical health of course the doctors are alwsys ready to give their services to make money.

At least medical association have been educating the public about consuming or using certain Cosmetic' products that people still go ahead to use them ,therefore causing harm like cancer of the skin and lived to themselves.

I don't blame both industries but blame the buyers. One should be sure of whatever product they are using on their bodies before usage.
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I wouldn't want to assume of any such collusion between major pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic companies. There's no such evidence leading to a strong conclusion of this nature.
However, many conspiracy theories have been rumored about such a collusion between this two giant industries.

Have you heard the one about white people, who are the so called inventor of HIV/AIDS in an attempt to wipe out African and under development nations? It sounds crazy if you ask me. I just can't get my head around such since the said deadly disease is very much present in their own countries and taking lives on a daily basis.

On the other hand, some of these rumors can not be overlooked. History and past judicial cases has shown us instances where certain people in some weapon base businesses start out wars between two parties by framing both parties. This way, they make money for as long as the war last. I think this is the main reason why we hear of unconfirmed stories of this nature related to killer disease and pharmaceuticals.

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