Watch this video to know why these two terms do not mean the same

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Web Scraping, to use a minimal definition, is the process of processing a web document and extracting information out of it. 

Web Crawling, to use a minimal definition, is the process of iteratively finding and fetching web links starting from a list of seed URL's. Strictly speaking, to do web crawling, you have to do some degree of web scraping (to extract the URL's.)

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Web Scraping refers to the extraction of data from a website or webpage.

Web Crawling refers to the process of using bots or (Spiders) to read and store all of the content on a website for archiving or indexing purposes. 

A Web crawler will generally go through every single page on a website, rather than a subset of pages,were as Web scraping focuses on a specific set of data on a website.  

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