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Twitter's biggest competitor is now Instagram. Text status in Instagram makes it exactly like twitter. However Facebook is in another path with pages, groups and communities. I think eventually all these social medias will make way to some other creative platforms as all of them had became a host for spam as well as political and religious campaigns. 

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When you think about it Twitter was a unique idea when it was first introduced. Sending out the small tweet to give your friends a heads up of a sports event or another important event. It was designed to give instant messages or notification to keep people updated and informed. However, like any social platform that is new, starts to grow and gain followers, the competition will examine what people like and always try to copy it. Twitter is no different. In the beginning, it took time for people to use and understand this platform. Today it is a major platform that millions of people use. There are still many competitors that Twitter must contend with:

  1. Facebook is the number one competitor of Twitter. It has always been this way and I don't think it will change much.
  2. WhatsApp is gaining in popularity and more people are starting to use this now.
  3. Snapchat is yet another one that people still love and use. But it is fading out slowly as more people move over to WhatsApp. This is how I see it, but others won't see it like this.
  4. Instagram is yet another desktop or mobile app that will allow people to share messages, upload videos, and images.
  5. LinkedIn is a social media service that is based on businesses. It isn't quite the same, but the popularity grows and so do the users. 
Trends come and trends go and it is really what attracts people to the network that keeps it growing. There will always be competition for any social media network. That is why a social media network needs to be on top of the trends and change with the times. 

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