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In truth, the Huawei is the worlds 3rd top cell phone. However, there is so much political pressure in the US this phone many never make it there. The company has been trying for years to break into the US market, but so far can't succeed. Not long ago AT&T was talking with the company to start adding this phone to their plans, but the talks were stopped because of the political pressure in the US. Even Best Buy who was going to sell the phone backed out and decided not to offer them at all.

As for doing well in the US, I actually think they would do good there and it would be a major competition between Apple and Samsung. I basically feel these two companies are holding back or blocking Huawei from breaking in or even entering the market in the US. What is so sad is that people in the US will never actually get the chance to buy or have some of the best phone technology around these days. 
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My first touchscreen phone is from Huawei and to be honest I don't really like it.It was just low range phone unit I had bought and it was low price too. But, after a year of usage the touchscreen wasn't nice and it keeps freezing most of the time. So I had to change to different brand still on low range, but I find it more different at all. Then after few years they I had to back again with Huawei, again I was really disappointed because of battery problem and wifi issues. So, I decided to change another brand and this time it was different, from android to ios.Adn ios didn't letme down except from the battery issues.

And now, Huawei release midrange smartphone which is really hit in the market, the Huawei Nova series and P series and lately they just launched a new M20 series which is the market say it's a good one. So, I think they will really good at renovating and I hope this time no big issues.

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