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You may experience discomfort for a while- say a week, after getting your dental crown fixed. It actually depends on your activities. It is advised not to involve in hard biting for quite sometime after dental crown treatment. 

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I had several crowns and they do cause a little discomfort for a while after they are first fitted. I think mine took about a week  to settle but eventually they stopped hurting and were as good as my natural teeth. Mine used to hurt a little around the gum but I think it is where the dentist has to work on them, it upsets the area around the tooth and makes the gum sore.

If you are still experiencing pain after a week to ten days I would go back and see your dentist as you may have an infection. If it's just a case of the area being disturbed he can put your mind at rest and give you advice on how to clean and look after it.
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This will actually depend on how much work has to be done. A dentist will put a crown on to save a tooth that is damaged. However, there are some people that will actually put crowns on all their teeth. I had a dentist one time that tried to talk me into putting crowns on all my back teeth even though they didn't need them. 

  1. If your tooth is extremely decade the dentist will normally do a root canal to save the tooth and then grind the tooth down to get rid of the decay. After this, the tooth will need to be built back up in order to have the crown set on the tooth. This is a bit more painful because of the root canal. This type of crown will normally take 3 to 7 days to stop hurting. 
  2. A cracked tooth that doesn't have any root damage or decay is yet another reason a dentist will add a crown to your tooth. This is actually the easiest one to do and it shouldn't cause you much pain at all. They will only need to grind down the tooth enough so the crown can be set correctly. You might feel a bit of discomfort for one to three days after the crown is set.
  3. Cosmetic crowns are normally the last way a dentist will put in crowns. This is done because the person might have had tooth decay when they were younger and to protect the teeth they will add a crown to the tooth. If a person decides to go this way the dentist can work on 1 to 3 teeth at a time. This will cause more discomfort and it could take 7 to 10 days for your gums to heal and feel better. 
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It depends on the treatment you are choosing. If you have a decayed tooth, first your dentist would do root canal treatment to clean up your decayed gum, perhaps your pain persists for a week. If you have half broken or cracked tooth, the dentist will alter it using best dental crowns. This will make you uncomfortable for three days. When someone lost their tooth at a younger age due to some accident, then they are treated with crowns to replace their lost teeth. This will give you pain for five days. If your pain lasts after ten days of your treatment I would recommend you to get proper advice from your dentist whether you are having any gum infections. An x-ray from the dental hospital would give you a proper answer....

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Get some calcium pills (Tums) before the appointment and the pain will not be so bad. Calcium is nature's way of controlling sensitivity to pain. You still hurt, but it doesn't bother you so much.
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My goodness when I think about teeth and dental clinics I feel sick, that's just how much phobia I have for dental health. Anyway, I have had my teeth done a couple of times, I started having teeth problems when I was very young and I still have the same problem even now. I have never overcome that fear of drills and needles, that's on a lighter note. After tooth crowning, it takes close to one week to heal. That only happens when you visit a good doctor who knows what they are doing., if not you could even end up with an infection because of recklessness. Crowning is very uncomfortable especially if its your first time having it done. When you bite on something you tend to have that fear of the crown coming off, so you have to keep reminding yourself that it is permanent to be comfortable.

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