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I should think this is a question that varies from country to country. In my own country we can get reduced cost/free dental treatment if we go to a National Health dentist and are under 18 or on a low income.  If you go to a private dentist the costs are very high.

Many people here spread the cost by taking out a payment plan and paying monthly installments. I don't know if this would be available where you are but it makes it much more affordable than if you have a huge amount coming out of your account in a lump sum.

Of course keeping your teeth healthy is the best way to ensure you don't need a lot of treatment so regular and thorough cleaning plus 6-9 monthly checks would probably be the best way of saving money because a problem would be caught early which would save having costly dental treatment later when you might need fillings or extractions.
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Yes, as you said dental treatment cost varies on different countries. Last week, I went on for dental treatment of my 5 year old daughter to replace one of her teeth in front got decayed. Our family dentist told us that we need to pay a lot if we choose a good quality crown but at last, I came to know Acero crowns are the leading manufacturers of pediatric dental crowns and also they are manufacturing crowns using 316L surgical grade quality to avoid corrosion. The price of the crown is less compared to other crown manufacturers in unites states. Now my daughter's tooth looks same like her real one. finally, I would say the dental treatment cost of yours depends on what treatment you are choosing and where your treatment undergoes.

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When comparing the dental crown cost, two things are considered, they are 

  • The type of tooth crown will be used for implant. The tooth implant cost for different types of crowns like all metal, all porcelain.etc.varies significantly.
  • The dental crowns cost can also greatly vary depending on the country where the implant is performed. Even different place of the same country can also have varying cost for the same procedure.

The steps involved in the process of implanting a dental crown differs from one patient to another. Thus the cost incurred is never the same. The price variation depends on the time required for the treatment, the number and the type of tooth crowns needed.

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