How do i get rid of darker knees and elbows naturally? 
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There are many natural ways you can get rid of dark knees, one of them is cucumber, lemon, baking soda, etc. Rub it in your knees when you go shower and moisturized every time.

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First you can use cucumber- cucumber is the most recommended method to use because it's got some bleaching agent in it and will thus give the knees its original skin colour. Cucumber removes the dark skin cells and keeps the skin moisturised. What you have to do is slice cucumber into pieces the take one piece and rub it on the dark knees for around 30 minutes then let it dry up for around five minutes and then rinse it with water.

You can also use potato, it contains enzyme catecholase that lights up the skin and gives it a tone colour. Just like cucumber, you can the potato into two then squeeze out the juice and then apply on the dark areas for some time and finally rinse it with plenty of water.

Finally, you can also use honey plus lemon juice or baking powder. All you need to do is make a mixture of the two then apply the mixture on the knees the that same period mentioned above then wipe away with water.

What you have to keep it mind in the process above, its not a one day process, you have to keep on repeating the procedure for at least one month to get the better results.
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Those dark knees are a mass of dead cells that have accumulated over a long time of friction against surfaces while some people just have it naturally from inherited genes. Either ways, dark knees can be managed and gotten rid of completely. 

1.You must first exfoliate.There are excellent natural exfoliants you can use. Applying any other remedy without exfoliating first is like a lost cause as you need to get rid of dead cells first. A slice of lemon and a teaspoon of sugar to be used as scrub. Scrub this mixture gently against your knees and leave for 15minutes before you wash off.  Lemon has antibacterial properties that fights acne and contains citric acid and vitamin C that will leave your skin lighter. You can replace the sugar with baking soda. Baking soda is an excellent natural scrubbing agent that helps to get rid of dead tough cells

2. You must follow up with a good moisturiser. You can apply fresh honey afterwards. Honey has moisturising and antibacterial properties that would keep your skin smooth and glowing. Leave it also for 10 minutes then you can wash off and apply other moisturisers like coconut oil, olive oil or Shea butter. Moisturising helps to keep your knees from getting dry and locks the moisture in for a longer period of time. 
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I have dark knees before and I used astringent to lessen the darkness. It works but the reality is that, it works very slowly. It only lightens the dark spot but there is still shadowy around it. I changed my routine because I am getting impatient and I buy some lightening creams like Nivea and some whitening creams available in the market. It works to lighten but the progress is little. If you stop doing your routine, then the darkening will only come back. What I do right now is to use lemon and baking soda and I do it every weekend. I also scrub it the following day. After the routine, I use whitening cream. It went on smooth and it continually lightens but still there are areas that are dark. You just need to make it a habit. Maybe the results will going to happen after a year or two. If you are impatient, I think derma clinics will able to help you more on the lightening part but it will cost you too much. 
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There are several natural ways to get ridrof dark knees 

1 lemon juice along with sugar, work as a scrub, do scrub for 10 minutes twice a week and than rinse with water and massage with any moisturizer...or

2 you can also massage milk and gram flour on knees... Let it stay for 30 minutes and than rinse with water, do it twice a week..or

3 make a paste of gram flour and haldi and use it as scrub thrice a week...use moisturizer after this.

You can do any of the above...hope it helps
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