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I want to save/store my content online. Which is the best for this and why?
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The best place to store your content online is Google drive. There you can use about 15 GB space altogether from Gmail and google photos. 15 GB free space more than enough for an average person. Your content is always safe with google too. The main highlight is that if you are using android devices then you can have an instant access to your data anytime on the go. 
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I personally have a habit of saving my contents on my working notepad. 

This gives me a very quick access to these contents without any stress. 

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If you are a blogger and you have your own content, then I would say it is better to create your own website. Having your own website helps you to manage your content more easily and it will help you to gather more viewers and subscribers. Thru this, you will be having a great opportunity to earn money online. But saying these things, you have to work hard on it to make it work. Now if you do not have the budget to have your own website then I recommend Youtube and Facebook. These two websites are very popular and useful when it comes to promoting your business or even your content. You just have to create your own page in Facebook where people can view and read your content, it is a good choice for those who don't have their own website.
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Digitalization is fastly becoming a culture in almost every works of life in recent times. With the growing transition from paper records to digit models and also not forgetting social media, one should definitely seek a larger and reliable source for storing data as our regular gadgets seem to run out of space quickly. I'll like to say that most people who choose to store data online is mostly because of orderly process. This means that having data stored online will give you quick access whenever there's need to look up anything. It also avails you the stress of searching around for a particular data since storing them online makes it easy to access.

Drawing from the above, i'd say that there's quiet a lot of services offered by various companies over the Internet that can solve your need for online data store. But choosing a particular service provider can be tasking as you're looking for one that is reliable and has security as top priority. Hence, i'll only recommend Google drive as one of such service provider that's is well known, reputable and also reliable. The service is fast and has one of the quickest means of access. It's service os provided over the internet and also has apps for various types of devices.
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There are atimes we need our information to be stored and this time around online so that we can easily accessed it when we need it and ofcourse leaving it in the cloud might just be the best bet so that we can easily assessed it anywhere we find ourselves and need to share it with a friend or family member. I can remember being about to retrieve some good photos from my photo file online because I had stored them there.
There are different places online we can store our files, documents, information content or whatever you need to saved.

We have : Dropbox


Google drive

Amazon cloud drive




These are secured places online where content can be stored and retrieved on the go. People go more for Google drive though because it is free.
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Whether you 're a professional or you just take an occasional selfie, everybody takes photos and records videos. It's very easy to do's not expensive as it used to be and it just keep getting better. The files are pretty big. However, if you store photo, video or documents on computer, you can't be sure in your hard drive's life expectancy. Adlo mobile device aren't better in storing documents.
So there are aa lot of online storage means e.g  Cloud: it has sync folder, file link sharing, folder sharing and versioning. The Google drive have the same features only that it is easily accessible. Buy cloud has larger memory of 500GB compared to Google drive with 100GB.

Summarily, the one I use mist and much more easy for me is my Gmail
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There are so many ways to store your contents in order to prevent losing it by mistake or hack or some other unforseen circumstances. If you have cloud storage, I believe that it's one of the best apparatus for saving your written contents and be free from worrying about losing it.

Most people who make use of Apple smartphone devices have such means available at their disposal because of how Apple iPhone smartphone devices are designed with cloud storage.
If you don't have access to Apple cloud storage, you can very much easily make use of Google drive storage. This storage system is very available anyone who can access Google Chrome and know how to use it. You can also make use of external hard drive to keep your contents saved.
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You can create your own website to store your content, or you can use a service like Google Drive. I think it offers 15GB for free, which is plenty of space. Google is a trusted corporation and so there's a very low risk of your content being accessed by hackers of viruses.
Creating your own site is a lot of work, but if you're good at coding and setting up websites, do this. It will cost a little bit of money, but it will be more private and secure. There are millions of users on Google, meaning that there's millions of people that could potentially hack into your account and access your personal files. However, creating your own website means that only YOU will know about this website, along with a few others that may have stumbled across it.

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