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We know how The ecosystem is fast depleting in natural resources. Global warming is no news due to immense study of the trends of harmful human activities to the environment. 

What are you doing in your own little universe to mitigate the harm in our planet, however little? 

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I live on a small island in the South Pacific. Considering the island is small we all must do our part to help our environment. I have always believed in recycling and using all we can again.

  1. If I end up buying water or coke in a bottle, I keep the bottles and turn them into planters. The plastic bottles if you cut them in half and fill the top half with dirt and the bottom half with water will make a great planter for growing plants or herbs.
  2. I need to buy dog food in cans from time to time. I keep the cans and decorate them to make canisters for my home. I use them on the counter to place the cooking utensils in. 
  3. Anytime I buy food in a jar, I save the jar and use it again to make homemade jam instead of buying it at the store.
  4. I don't use fans or even air conditioners in my home. Even though it is warm here, I just keep the doors and windows open to cool off my home. This saves on electricity and helps the environment.
  5. I keep the lights off in the house at night when I am not using them. I only use LED light bulbs in my home and only keep one light on in the room I am in at night.
  6. I only drive my car once a week to go grocery shopping, the rest of the time I either walk or ride a bike.
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We recycle. My parents thought me how to do it when I was young. We recycle from notebooks and papers we used at school because papers are made out of grass and pencils are made out of woods so we use our school supplies from the first day use until the end piece of it. In our community, we avoid using plastic. There are still plastic but most of the packaging, even the straws are all papers. We have an ecobag that we use to bring things when we are buying foods. I recycle it. I use the ecobag over and over until it is already ruin. I will replace it with new when it is ruin. We collect plastic bottles and sell it to garage. We do not just throw the garbage anywhere. 
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I think I do try to be eco friendly. Whenever am going to shop, I usually go with my own shopping bag made of cotton although some keep prefer buying certain plastic bags every time they need to shop.But then, the government did a great part by burning polythene bags in the country.

Also, I like staying in really clean cool place. In case there's dirt around, I do collect them and burn. I know that smoke isn't always safe but I usually don't have any other way out. Besides am always switching off the lights especially during broad daylight and whenever am sleeping so that at least I conserve the energy which is part of the environment.

Finally, I do plant trees once in a while. So far I only have three trees. Am hopeful that in the next 20 years, the trees will be tall and I really hope that I'll continue planting more others. Its always easy planting but the whole process of watering the trees to maturity is hectic.

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