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Whatsapp has now become a handy tool on everyone's mobile phones to share information instantly with a few finger taps. It's also recognized as a reliable app to share data with some high-security encryption in the app. Now with groups and business accounts, WhatsApp became a necessary application on those android or ios devices using a sim card.

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With WhatsApp, you can send unlimited messages all over the world provided that you're connected to the internet. You can as well do video calls and send files like documeants and PDF. WhatsApp cannot be compared to the analog way which was uses to send messages via text.You were only allowed to send written messages only and the messages we're limited depending with how much airtime you have.

Also, with WhatsApp, your messages are secured due to end to end encryption. This ensures that no one can easily hack your WhatsApp and interfere with your privacy.

Finally, with WhatsApp you can do marketing by advertising your products in WhatsApp groups. In fact if you have a fully filled up group, with 256 members you can really do good business.Once you post your products, someone might be interested and inbox you for inquiries like how much they cost and delivery as well.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,059 points) 5 21 51

Whatsapp has taken off for a few great reasons and this is why people keep coming back and using this app:

  1. The other messenger apps don't make a person feel warm and fuzzy inside when they talk with their friends and family. The Whatsapp gives people a warm feeling and makes them feel good when they use the app.
  2. The app look and feel doesn't remind the person of work. Using messenger or iMessage it reminds people of work. The WhatsApp has changed and people aren't reminded of work when they use this app.
  3. When using Messenger or even iMessage and you want to talk with a person, the first thing that pops up is an empty bar where you must select a person's name to enter in this bar. In WhatsApp, the first things that pop up is an option to select or create a group before entering your message. People like to send messages to more than one person at a time. 
  4. WhatsApp is designed around groups and creating groups. The other messenger apps are about individuals and only speaking to one person at a time. 
  5. WhatsApp is always pushing you to create a group and add a photo to this group to help you recognize this group. The other apps won't do this. 
  6. In WhatsApp when you look at your groups, you'll see an array of colorful images of dogs, cats, flowers or whatever else you have used. This is a bit more personal and people like to see the colorful, cute, and adorable images they can add to the app.
  7. It appears that people love the raindrop sound the message maks when you send it. They feel it is better than the whoosh sound that the other message apps make. 
In reality, people like the looks, feel, and personal touches the app has to offer. It makes them feel warm and fuzzy like I said before. That is what makes people keep using this app and keeps them coming back. This and some of the other great features has made this app what it is today. 
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answered by Patron (1,914 points) 3 6 16
WhatsApp is the world's most used chatting app. It is a great and effective medium to interact with people you know. However, there is a danger of leaking your information through a link or photo on WhatsApp. So if you get a message from any unknown number, think about it twice or even thrice before clicking the link in it.

People are smart through social media and smart phones. At the same time, the risk of cyber crime has also increased. Now, tracing of information about an active user through social media has become possible and very easy because of advances in technology. So it is very important to be aware of the use of smart phones and the internet.
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answered by LEGEND (6,082 points) 7 22 49
WhatsApp is simply amazing to use among friends, relatives and associates. It has become more than handy in establishing less cost effective communication, whereby one can connect with the other so conveniently. It features are awesome in terms of speed and efficiency of message delivery between those chatting with themselves.
Another remarkable feature of this application is the ease of sharing photos, documents, files etc. With the use of WhatsApp you can send large files of any type without incurring much in your pocket unlike how, it would have been if you were doing so with other applications.
Furthermore, it the impressive feature of enabling people of like minds to create a group that would facilitate the sharing of vital information and data among themselves.

Interestingly, this feature has been instrumental to those that are business owners, serving as a medium of reaching their esteemed customers via concerted advert placement.
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answered by LEGEND (6,021 points) 6 13 26
Whatsapp is the most important app in my smart phone. There's a variety of features it comes with that makes it so very unique. Just like other social media, you can connect with friends and family all around the world but what makes it different is that you can easily reach people faster than them having to log into other social media when they feel like it.

Not just faster but cheaper. Especially the voice and video call that would have cost a fortune if you were to use regular call charges. You can even create a whatsapp business account other than your personal account.
I also feel the web version is great. It comes in handy when you are on your computer and you want to multitask opening different tabs. Whatsapp is so secure that you can activate two factor authentication.
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answered by ELITE (3,009 points) 3 8 16
Whatsap is the longest surviving app that has continuously gain it popularity amongst series launched together with it.  There are lots of features that has made it a good and must use app for communication. Here are few reasons why it is a good app.
Cost effective,  with it you can communicate effectively for a long period of time,  share images and videos for comprehensive communication at a very cheap data charge rate.
Information dissemination, with the broadcast feature embedded in it you can easily bulk messages to people at the same time within few seconds.
Group chats,  the ability to create series of groups like family,  class,  company, tutorial etc has made communication very easy,  convenient and cheaper for everyone who knows how to operate phones,  read and write. It uses are endless because it keeps upgrading on daily basis.
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answered by ELITE (3,548 points) 4 24 90
There are so many chat messengers applications online and available on Google play store and Apple store such as Facebook messenger, SnapChat, 2go, yahoo messenger and whatspp but among all these chat messengers, Whatsapp happens to be my favorite and the most commonly used for all my chatting purposes. Whatsapp is very easy to use and can easily be downloaded and installed with ease. One thing that I love so much about using Whatsapp is how direct and fast the chat messenger is when it comes to delivering messages to your friends. The audio and video calls feature of Whatsapp is what I love again so much about the chat messenger. In my opinion, it's only Facebook messenger and Skype that are more good in terms of quality in its video calls compared to Whatspp.
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I'm the type of person who loves video calls so much more than audio calls or chatting and the video call feature that comes with Whatspp is the best thing which I love so much about the chat messenger. There was another chat messenger application called IMO which I normally used for my video calls but the video image quality of the application is very poor but the very first day when I tried making video calls with Whatspp, I never looked for another alternative till today.
Even though using Whatspp messenger is limited to communicating with only those in your phone contact list that are making use of the chat messenger as well, I don't really bother because most of the people I deal with are all on Whatspp which makes our connection very easy and simple.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,009 points) 7 17 68
WhatsApp is one app that I don't think anyone with a mobile phone has not installed for easy communication.I even chat more on WhatsApp than any other messaging app.Whatapps has great unique features that helps users have a better messaging experience
Whatsapp helps users to send unlimited messages to recipients at no cost when once one is online. One can readily know contacts that are on WhatsApp automatically because it will import one's contact to the app and make one start chatting with them on the go.
The app enable one to share his or her status and photos with friends and family with ease. It a good thing that it uses phone numbers instead of email at least it has helped prevent one from getting all the spam email on one's mailbox.

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