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I think you can be approved for Google Adsense as long as you meet the requirements stated by the developers.

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Adsense will always approve blogs as long as they meet the requirements. On their site, it is stated that a blog that is hosted in India or China will need 6 months ownership before they can be approved. This rule of thumb doesn't always apply and some blogs have been approved even though the site is only owned for 1 month. When they say site owned they are talking about your domain name. How you can get approved even though you don't have a top-level domain:

  1. High-quality content is really important with Adsense. Make sure your blog posts are unique, high quality and between 500 - 600 words long.
  2. Optimize your blog posts with description tags and Meta titles. 
  3. All Meta titles should be within 69 characters long and the meta descriptions should be within 159 characters.
  4. You should have blog posts on every page and in every category.
  5. There should be around 15 to 30 posts on your site.
  6. When you apply, use a root domain. Don't use a or a domain name. 
  7. Don't use any copied and pasted material on your blog that you don't have permission to use from the owner. If you feature a story from another blog make sure the owner has given you permission and that this is stated on the blog post.
  8. What out what images you use on your blog. There are many free image sites that are public domain. Don't use any image that isn't public domain or that you don't have permission to use. 
  9. Check your blog structure and make sure your account isn't blocked by Google. 
  10. Make sure there isn't any content on your site that Google doesn't approve of.
  11. Don't worry about visitors this isn't a problem.
Other than this you should find it simple to apply for and be approved for a Google Adsense account if you follow these steps. No need to have a top-notch blog you can still be approved. 
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In order to use adsense, you need a self-hosted website. In other words, you need a domain and hosting if you want to use Adsense. However, there are ways to use Adsense to make money without actually owning a website.

You can use Adsense on Youtube. In order to use Adsense on Youtube, you will have to create a channel, upload videos, generate 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers and then apply for Adsense. Adsense approval through Youtube is easy.

You can also use Adsense on Blogspot blog. In order do that you need to create a a blog on blogspot. The blogspot blog is associated with your gmail. Once you create a blog, publish original and well written contents and apply for adsense.

Hubpages dot com is another site where you can use Adsense without having a custom domain and hosting.

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