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Maybe or maybe not, there are lot of scammers out there especially it's internet.

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Facebook does so many things to make money it is actually very sad if you ask me. Not only the fake account but the constant reminders that you should upgrade your pages is so sad. If you have created a Facebook group or Facebook pages, you will find out that Facebook will only send out or add your new entries to a handful of people. They do this to force you into upgrading to a special package so that you can reach more people. 

I created Facebook pages for a website that I am running. All the content I add to the website is automatically posted on my Facebook pages. After each post, it will tell you how many people have been reached. I had over 500 people subscribed to my pages. On each post-Facebook will only show my new content to 9 people at a few time it will be shown to 11 people. 

You will receive notification on your Facebook pages telling you if you'd like to reach more people to give them X amount of money and they will make sure that X number of people in your Facebook group will be notified of your new content. This is another rip off from Facebook to gain even more money than they already gain. 

We can't create more than one account on Facebook and if we do we are blocked or the second account is closed. But as long as it is Facebook they can have 10K accounts on the site and each account is upgraded to display ads. They will even try and get people to make friends with these fake account and have people post content on them. I feel that this is a horrible way to do business.

I refuse to fall for this on Facebook and I won't pay them money to reach more people. I feel their policies are wrong and if they only want to show 9 people the new content that I've added to my Facebook pages, then so be it. I won't spend a ton of money to reach more people. I reach over 1200 people a day on my website and this one is fine for me. Why pay Facebook to reach 100 more. It is not worth it at all. 
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Yes you are right. If we want to pay for our posts to get visibility then what is the use of a page or community in a social media? We are making followers there on our fb pages with our hardworks and even for making our posts visible to the own community members we have to pay to the facebook ads. So it is not worth to spend time there. Just make automatic posts and leave it. That's better. 
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Am going to disagree with you on this topic. Facebook does not own or run fake accounts for selfish reasons. Am certain on this because I've done an extensive research on it. Asides that, facebook is close watched and regulated by relevant authorities. I own three facebook pages with over 200k followers acquired through facebook's paid audience reach. I have personally checked to make certain they are real people on those accounts.

Just like every other online medium which connects businesses to individuals or vice versa, facebook runs a unique marketing model which is solely focused on reaching target audiences. It's a process that allows paid ads get to people who have shown interest on the said ads topics thereby yielding results on reachs and clicks, or even followers.

If you pay close attention to facebook pop-ups, then it's likely you've come across certain page suggestions based on your profile's interest, interests which you picked when registering on facebook or based on your recent activities. This is how facebook generates likes and followers for clients through paid ads. With over 2 billion users worldwide, facebook has no problem getting your target audiences.

Hence, those accounts that seem fake and show up from nowhere following pages and liking post do so because the services has been paid for, for facebook to solicit on the page's behalf to a much larger audience which on normal grounds would be impossible for the page to reach on it's own.
Remember that individual accounts are free and equally free of facebook business methods. It's only normal that a facebook page runinngs will look very much different to a user unfamiliar with it's operations. A facebook page on the other hand is a marketing channel designed for business models, and as such services has to be paid for in order to maximize it's full potentials. This is the reason why page administrators get regular paid ads suggestions for gaining certain number of reach depending on the request.

Note: the whole process explained above is one of the major means which facebook utilizes to make money.
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Well,what ever can be done to create money is good by me provided it isn't hurting or harming anyone in any way and again provided no one is coerced or forced to click on the ads then it all good.I know since the platform is free for sign up they will always come up with their own way of making money and if this will generate money for them then so be it.

Mark Zukerberg isn't a bad person and he is a great philanthropist at least the money generated might be use for a good cause.So I can't be against the fake account or accounts but no harm should come to anyone through it.I haven't seen this fake Facebook accounts though maybe I need to do a research to check it out.I wonder if it is run like other PTC site that one can even make money from clicking on the ads.
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