no and please tell me the procedure.
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when you give an answer to any question you will get 10 points and when your answer stands the best and when anyone comments on it then you will get extra 5 points. 

when all these reach 3000 points then the payments will be done. for 3000 points the payment will be 3 dollars.

the other important point is the answers should be unique and genuine it means the answer should not be plagiarism and should not be repeated. then only the payment will be done perfectly.
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If you answer a question , you get 10 points 

And if you reply to a comment , you get 5 points 

a 1000 points is equal to 1 dollar 

2000 points is the minimum , so the minimum payout is 2000 points , aka 2 dollars

whenever you would like to withdraw , just private message answeree
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You have to get 2000 points to get 2 dollars. One answering will give you 10 points and commenting will give you 5 points. On reaching 2000/points, send a private message to the admin, for requesting the payment. Money will be credited. The link to admin will.get from FAQ or ask for rewards page at the bottom.
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