I was studying for an exam; however, things were not going well. I threw a tantrum and damaged a study book that my mom got me. Is that understandable, or am I just another spoiled little brat?

In other words, am I as bad those spoiled brats in video compilations, etc, or am I a reasonable person?
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there are some qualities that help to find out whether you are really spoiled brat is not and those are like:

a. you will complain about each and everything

b. if anyone says no then you will try to start a war

c. you want everything you don't have

d. you won't like to spend your own money

e. you will throw your phone so that you will get a new one.

so these are some of the qualities that a spoiled brat will have

so I think you have done that unknowingly so you are not a spoiled brat.
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